Friday Round Up

It has been a gorgeous week here in Phoenix with warmer than usual temperatures that I haven’t really minded because it’s helping my garden grow!

I have been spending as much time as possible outside these last few days and have truly loved every moment of it. In the photos below, the one on the far right shows our lettuce, onions and our recent additions that I shared last weekend.

I have been incorporating fresh herbs into our meals lately, and both my husband and I really like the extra flavor. If you eat salads, I highly recommend adding a little fresh basil, cilantro and chopped celery to your salad. It’s an amazing what a few added herbs can do when it comes to taste and even smell. I have also been making bread and have been adding freshly dried rosemary from our garden into it … it’s so good! I’m also using fresh dill in bread, as well as thyme. Using fresh herbs, or freshly dried herbs, has been a wonderful enhancement to my baking and to our meals.

Fresh Rosemary Parmesan Bread

On the crafting side of things …

I haven’t knitted or spun anything over the last week. I’m just not in the mood for it and instead have started a simple embroidery piece and a visible mending project.

As shared on Instagram a couple of days ago, my husband had a shirt jacket that I repaired a few years ago that he didn’t really like how it looked. He decided to just give it to me to make it my own so that’s what I’m doing. First I shortened the the length of the jacket, as well as the sleeves. Then I took out the original mending that was used to hide a very large tare in the back of the jacket . I decided to use hexies for my mending and went through my stash of batik fabrics. I am using a 3” hexie for the middle and four 2” hexies on the outside. I also plan to use a hexie or two on the front side as well. I am having fun and can’t wait to see how it turns out, which I hope it turns out like I plan.

For my embroidery piece I’m outlining and then will start working each section. I’m making this my own and will not be following the designers intent (I’m a rebel at times, lol). I traced this on a piece of off white grunge fabric and using Valdani size 4 thread in colors O501 (Ebony Almond) and P4 (Aged White). This is just a fun project and I’m enjoying it. I also have gotten my threads together for a cross stitch pattern that I plan to start soon too. The finished piece is destined to hang on a new peg board my hubby put up for me in our kitchen.

What have you been doing this week ?

Friday Round Up – Knitting, Crocheting and Stitching

It’s Friday and I am so happy it is. Even though this week has been busy it has been good. The best part, we have finally cooled down and I have been enjoying wearing a few of my hand-knit sweaters.  

I have managed to make great progress on my sweater this week and have started the bottom ribbing.  I’ve decided to do 3” of ribbing, which I prefer over a few rows of ribbing.

This is not a great photo but you can at least see my progress. I am hoping to get one sleeve finished this weekend… fingers crossed.  

I haven’t touched my socks but plan to work on them after my sweater is done, so they are sitting in their knitting bags waiting patiently for some love.  

The only other thing I have started is a crocheted granny square blanket using my stash of Sirdar Jewelspun (I have 3 balls for a total of 1638 yards).  I am planning to make this large enough so that I can wrap it around me when we sit outside in the mornings or evenings. The yarn is super squishy soft and the colors are awesome.

Cross stitching was put on hold this week due to my sweater knitting but I only have a tiny bit to finish for clue 2 of the SAL and then I can work on clue 3.  I should have this done soon!

That’s about all I have going, which is enough for me.  What have you been working on this week?