Wednesday WIPs

Knitting bag by Olivia of This Handmade Life

I have only one knitting project on my needles at the moment, which is rather unusual for me but I’m focused on my Azalea Tee . I have made great progress and have about 2” inches to go before I separate for the top portion and sleeves. I absolutely love the colors of this yarn and think it’s awesome that it rather matches my knitting bag.

The only other thing I have going is a spinning WIP. I’m spinning a super soft bouncy Targhee hand dyed by Hello Yarn. For this spin I am spinning on my 1988 single treadle Schacht Matchless that I bought in 2020 online from Goodwill. I love this fiber, it’s a dream to spin and my wheel choice is perfect!

What have you been working on ?