A Friday Roundup

Happy Friday ! Can you believe we are already saying goodbye to January? I find it amazing how quickly this month flew and that next week is February. I really don’t feel like I’ve been too productive this month, but Januarys usually make me feel that way as I am often still pondering about what I want to do for my knitting, spinning, gardening and more.

I am quite happy that a finished a pair of socks and yesterday I finished sock one of my Christmas at Hogwarts socks. I am quite determined to finish the mate before February rolls around and hoping that my work day will be peaceful enough for me to sneak in a bit of knitting. Spinning this month has been hit and miss, but I am trying to spin at least 15 minutes a day to maintain consistency. I am currently finishing up my hand-blended BFL blend that I started spinning in December and will have it finished soon.

As far as reading goes, I finished Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen and now have started reading the sequel, First Frost. These books are light reads and have been perfect for the month of January.

Courtesy of CraftLit

I have also revisited an old friend so to speak, CraftLit, which is hosted by author and knitter Heather Ordover. When we first moved to Arizona I was so excited to find not only yarn shops (many have since closed) but so many wonderful knitters through Ravelry. I met so many people at that time and often Heather’s podcast came up because they shared the love of reading too. When I first discovered Heather’s podcast, she and her family lived in Tucson and I couldn’t believe I found such a fun and great podcast that was produced in the state lived in. I loved listening to her thoughts about the book that was being currently read and discussed. As time went by though I stopped listening but just the other day I came across her podcast on iTunes and have started listening again. If you like classical literature, be sure to check out Heathers website and podcast.

I am looking forward to the weekend and relaxing. My hubby has had a hard week at work, so I don’t want to do too much as he needs to rest. This weekend simply might call for sitting out on our patio to enjoy the sun and read or take a trip to a favorite antique store.

How was January for you? Any fun plans for the weekend?

Wednesday WIPs

After completing my pair if November Socks last weekend I’ve decided it’s time to finish my Christmas At Hogwarts Socks. I am only on the first sock but I’ve finished the heel and gusset decreases, and about 2” of the foot. This means I will have the first sock finished this week and will be able to immediately cast on the mate. I do have a bit pooling on top of the foot but that is due to the creation of the heel and the only other way I could have avoided that is if I worked an After Thought Heel or a Short Row Heel. This is something I will consider next time if I have this kind of self-striping yarn.

I’ve set my Nurmilintu Shawl aside so I can finish this pair of socks but plan to pick it back up soon. I only have about 6 more rows to go before starting the second lace panel and will be almost finished with my first skein of yarn. I really love how this shawl is knitting up and can’t to finish it so I can wear it!

What are you working on today ?

Finally A Finished Pair of Socks! 🧦

I am so happy to share that I finally finished my November socks! I cast my socks on October 28thof last year and finished the first sock on December 29th and immediately casted on the mate, which I finished last Saturday evening while watching Star Trek Into the Darkness.

Project Notes:

I used my stash yarn of Less Traveled Yarn ( an Arizona dyer based in Phoenix) in the color Monsoon. This was just a plain vanilla sock that I casted on 72 stitches that were then divided over two 16” size US 1 1/2” circular needles. I worked a 1” twisted rib cuff, a standard slip stitch heel and Kitchener stitch bind off for the toe.

I can’t believe it took me this long to finish the mate!! Now I need to finish my Christmas At Hogwarts socks.

What have you been able to finish recently?

Sock Knitting Love ❤️

I am loving my two new vanilla toe up sock projects. The Lang yarn I am using for my “fall socks” is awesome to knit with and I absolutely love the colors, so much so that I’m on the hunt for yarn that would be similar in colors that would be great for a sweater.  If you have any yarn brands that you can know of that is self-striping in a DK to worsted weight, please let me know.

I am also loving the look of my “Christmas socks”.  My husband told me this morning that they are going to look like elf socks and I think he may be right. They definitely will be fun to wear around Christmas time.

I am going through my stash of sock yarn and patterns to decide what I might want to knit next when these two pairs are done.  I really don’t need more socks, but I love making them and they are he perfect companion for work.

I came across this poem today while searching for something else and thought many sock knitters could relate, as it reminds me a bit of when we never making the matching mate.

by David L Harrison from The Alligator in the Closet

Have an amazing day, and until next time be creative!