Sunday Musings: Feeling Refreshed

Sometimes in life you just to take a break to regroup your thoughts. This past week has allowed me to do just that and I’m feeling much better about many things. I’m no longer in a funk and oh my gosh I got quite a few things finally finished. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you focus and set your mind to it.

Spinning … I finished spinning my April Breed Study and love how it turned out. This fiber was interesting to spin. It started off a bit course to the touch but after chain plying, it became much softer. I ended up the 89 yards of worsted weight, which I am quite happy with. My friend Sherrill, the creator of #spin15aday and this breed study, told me this months study is the last of the tonal colors, so the plan of using my finished skeins for advent knitting this year may change because of that. We’ll see.

Needlework… I finished the sheep embroidery project that I started in February and truly like how it turned out. I made this piece my own and love the modifications.

Knitting to PBS Masterpiece Theater Mystery – Unforgotten Series

Knitting… Right now I only have one project on my needles, which may change but for now I’m ok with that because I have made great progress on my Azalea Tee . I hope to start the upper body, and sleeves, really soon. I’m really excited about this sweater and the weight on the fabric will be perfect for the Arizona summer weather.

Reading…. I finished I Was Anastasia by Ariel Lawhon. I found this book quite interesting but the back and forth of the storylines (jumping between past and present) was not very appealing to me at all. With that being said, I gave this book four stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ as I found the story quite fascinating and the authors perspective of Anna Johnson, the woman who claimed to be Anastasia Romanov, was quite compeling and even a bit refreshing. I have often wondered what Russia would have been like if the royal family lived and continued to rule. It would be interesting to know if the chain of events in 1919 played out differently would have made Russia more of a free country or if would still have continued down the path of communism.

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” – Mark Twain

Thank you so much for reading my post today and I wish you the best Sunday ever! I’m now off to catch up on a weeks worth of things you all have posted 😊

Friday Finishes

I’m so happy to share two finishes today, and both have been my only two WIPs over the last couple of months.

I started this pair of socks the beginning of February . Normally when I knit socks it takes me about two weeks to finish a pair but for some reason I just wasn’t in the mood to work of socks. I love the mix of blues in the yarn I used, which was a skein I purchased at Hobby Lobby sometime last year in their Authentic Hand Dyed yarn in the color Shibori Blue. The yarn is squishy soft but I found it a but splitty. All in all, I’m vet happy with my finished pair of vanilla socks.

I also finished my handspun Nurmilintu shawl, which I shared on Instagram but also wanted to share here too. I love how my shawl turned out and quite pleased with the striping of my handspun yarn, which is what I was hoping I would achieve when I was spinning it. I casted on this shawl January 4th and finished it on April1st. I had about a 1/2 ounce of handspun yarn left, which makes me happy that I didn’t have to play yarn chicken after all. I look forward to wearing my shawl this fall and winter.

What did you finish this week ?

Wednesday WIPs

I have been working on my handspun Nurmilintu shawl over the last few days and have made great progress. Yesterday I finished the second lace repeat and now I’m working on the next garter stitch section. I need to change to a longer circular needle, which I will do later today.

I find it interesting how the colors looks different each time I take a photo. The above progress photo really shows accurate colors. I am hoping to have enough yarn for the third lace repeat and if so, I will be able to finish it off the shawl with a few garter stitch rows following the lace panel and end with the picot bind off. I do hate playing yarn chicken, but that’s most likely what I will be doing as I get closer to the end. Fingers crossed I have enough yarn!

My sock and my embroidery piece are in the same stages as seen below. Eventually they will get completed once my shawl is finished.

What have you been working on lately ?

Friday Finishes

I’m so excited to share two finishes today, both of which are finished handspun projects. I have really been enjoying spinning these last couple of weeks. The simple motion of passing fiber through my hands to the bobbin provides a peaceful time for contemplation and meditation. I try to spin for a least 15 minutes but often spin up to an hour or more, which helps me with consistency. I can relate to what Kate Larson says below. Much like knitting, spinning provides that quiet time needed to find peace and to keep me grounded.

Mindfulness is a word oft used in our modern day-to-day lives. To me, cultivating mindfulness is simply learning to be more present and aware. Many spinners take up a spindle or wheel as a source of quiet and peace in a busy life.

Kate Larson, Spin-Off Magazine, October 2017

I plied my March Breed Study the first of this week and was a bit disappointed to only achieve 75 yards of 3-ply light worsted but still pleased how it turned out. The Radnor fiber was new to me for spinning and while I enjoyed spinning it, it wasn’t as soft as other wools I’ve spun in the past but I will say that spinning it was a breeze. For this project I spun woolen (long draw) and finished up by chain plying. When I hung it up to dry, there was absolutely no twist in my finished handspun, which made me so very happy!

My other finish this week is something I started almost a year ago, which started with hand blending a beautiful blend from Into the Whirled in the colorway Bounty Hunter’s Picnic that I purchased from a Ravelry destash. As mentioned in a prior post, I spun two separate colors from my blending efforts and wasn’t sure if I would ply them separately or together. After much thought I decided to ply them together and I really love the end result.

For this completed handspun skein of yarn I achieved 355 yards of 2-ply fingering weight yarn. My goal was 375 yards and not to upset that I’m just 20 yards underneath my goal. I have a little bit of fiber left on one bobbin that I plan to chain ply and use for weaving or some small knitting project.

Now I’m off to prep The April Breed Study!

What finishes did you have this week?