It’s A Wrap … A Year End Review

I had a very productive year of making this year, especially in the knitting department. I truly can’t believe how much I made this year!  For some reason I was on a sweater kick, which allowed me to use up quite a bit of my stash and that makes me so happy.

I finished eight knitted sweaters, patterns linked below starting at the bottom left and around, and yes I seem to love the Flax and Nuuk designs.
I also finished two crochet sweaters, Wild Bloom Cardigan by Rachel Misner and the Quick Win Raglan by LeRoo Crochet 

I also finished nine pairs of socks, pretty much all vanilla. I would have made ten pairs, but only finished the first sock and not the mate to my November Socks.

Magic Heel Socks 

And I finished six hats, three of which I made out of my own handspun. I want to make a few more next year, especially another Musselburgh (shown top right below).

I didn’t get much accomplished in the spinning department this year, so that will be a great goal for me  next year.  I want to start knitting more with my own handspun, especially for sweaters and it will be fun to see if I can accomplish that goal in the new year.

What did you finish this year ?