A Garden Update …

The last two days have been 105°, which is way above our average temperature for this time of year. I thought for sure I would loose a few plants but I haven’t, which makes me so very happy!!

One thing I’ve noticed over the last week or so is that our Pineapple Sage seems to like the heat and has had a major growth spurt. Our peppers too are really starting to grow and I have new blooms on our cherry tomatoes. As far as other things thriving at the moment … the leman verbena has really taken off, the rosemary, thyme and mint are going nuts with new growth and my basil is still doing great.

Bottom photo in the front from left to right: Oregano , Flat Parsley, Peppermint, Lemon Verbena (front center), Pineapple Sage and French Lavender.

I’m excited about what I’m seeing in our little garden area and hopeful that our tomatoes, as well as everything else, will do well over the next couple of months. My hubby has an idea for creating a frame for shade cloth too, which will really help.

How’s your gardening endeavors going ?

My Garden…

The temperatures are beginning to rise here in the Valley of the Sun and I have been busy the last few days cleaning up our little garden area. A few of our plants have started to show signs of stress, which meant it was time to evaluate what I would try to keep and what I knew would need to go.

I spent the majority of this morning rearranging things and I repotted a couple of plants too. I also cut the last of my Italian Oregano, which is currently in my dehydrator drying, and removed the plant so I can empty out the container. The mint was repotted into larger containers and I’m so glad I did this because all three of them were so root bound. They now look much happier.

I no longer have hanging buckets, everything has either been repotted or removed. I also repotted our Thyme, which likes its spot much better too. Now I’m thinking of summer plants I can pot that will withstand the heat and the intense sun.

I know many of you are just now getting your gardens going and I’m a but envious, but know I will be back into full swing of gardening this fall. Meantime I will enjoy seeing all our peppers grow – jalapeños , bell pepper, poblano, candy cane and mad hatter – and enjoy picking our cherry tomatoes.

Sunday Musings

If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.

Frances Hodgson Burnett

The start of spring here in Phoenix hasn’t quite been what I hoped it would be. April, like March, is starting off windy and the temperatures have been in the 90s. Usually this time of year is quite pleasant, and most days have been, it’s just that I’m tired of windy and blustery days. Our little garden is still doing well but with the warmer temperatures I’ve lost a few plants but thats ok, I knew a few would not be able to take the heat or the intense sun. So, this past week I have been trimming and drying many of our herbs, which has made our kitchen smell so good!

Yesterday I stopped into Joanns and came home with a new magazine, In Her Garden by Stampington & Co. What a beautiful magazine ! There are so many wonderful stories, articles and crafty things to make in this magazine. This issue is definitely a keeper and I hope the publish more.

I found a cross stitch pattern in Joanns that I’ve wanted for a while, Stitchy Stars by Lori Holt. I also bought a wood plaque that I plan to white wash, which will be the back drop to the finished piece (like shown in the photo to the right) and bought the thread colors needed but opted to try the new Anchor Threads in place of DMC. Having thread on a spool is rather convenient and much easy to maintain than standard floss, or at least I think it is. I can’t wait to start this project and when it’s finished I plan to hang it above my bulletin board.

They only other thing I’m working on is my Azalea tee. I finished the ribbing and now I’m working on the body, which may take me a bit to finish. I really love the colors in the yarn and look forward to seeing how my tee turns out.

Have a wonderful and peaceful day !

A Friday Finish and A Round Up

After almost a month, I finally finished up my February Breed Study and skeined my lovely finished 3-ply Shetland! I ended up with 82 yards of light worsted weight yarn and absolutely love the color… such a rich red.

Oh this red … I love it !

I haven’t really been doing too much in the crafting realm these days, but I am working on the mate to my sock, which I hope to have finished soon. I also started my little sheep embroidery, which I am absolutely loving and having fun with making it my own. I have no idea how this will turn out, but once finished I plan to keep it in the hoop and hang it up on my wall.

Our garden is beginning to grow and we have the first signs of tomatoes!! This particular plant is a Husky Red Cherry tomato, which forms a long cluster. I can’t wait to see what they taste like. I have also been drying lots of rosemary, dill, oregano and mint, and our house has smelled wonderful. My husband said our kitchen smelled like an Italian kitchen when I was drying the oregano, and it really did.

I have also been busy drying calendula flowers for creating salves. This weekend I will be making my first official calendula salve with beeswax, I’m excited!

As you all know I haven’t truly blogged in about two weeks and my apologies but with a change in my work schedule and just plain life itself, I haven’t had much extra time to devote to being online. Now that I have more of a routine in place, I will be more consistent with blogging and thank you all for being patient with me.

What have you been up too this week ?