It’s A Wrap … A Year End Review

I had a very productive year of making this year, especially in the knitting department. I truly can’t believe how much I made this year!  For some reason I was on a sweater kick, which allowed me to use up quite a bit of my stash and that makes me so happy.

I finished eight knitted sweaters, patterns linked below starting at the bottom left and around, and yes I seem to love the Flax and Nuuk designs.
I also finished two crochet sweaters, Wild Bloom Cardigan by Rachel Misner and the Quick Win Raglan by LeRoo Crochet 

I also finished nine pairs of socks, pretty much all vanilla. I would have made ten pairs, but only finished the first sock and not the mate to my November Socks.

Magic Heel Socks 

And I finished six hats, three of which I made out of my own handspun. I want to make a few more next year, especially another Musselburgh (shown top right below).

I didn’t get much accomplished in the spinning department this year, so that will be a great goal for me  next year.  I want to start knitting more with my own handspun, especially for sweaters and it will be fun to see if I can accomplish that goal in the new year.

What did you finish this year ?

Sunday Musings, A Bit of Crochet and Art

“Do not let Sunday be taken from you. If your soul has no Sunday, it becomes an orphan.” – Albert Schweitzer 

My hip hugger 🐾

Happy Sunday to you my friends!  I am enjoying another quiet, lazy Sunday morning with my hubby and our fur baby Cody.  

I will share I have been in pure hand knitted bliss over the last week as the much cherished and anticipated cool temperatures have finally arrived here in Phoenix. It’s been so wonderful to wear my sweaters, cardigans and socks.. such toasty warm wool that makes my heart sing.

I cannot believe next Saturday is Christmas!  I am rather anxious about Christmas this year, and honestly have been like this for a while.  I lost my Mom six year ago, three days before Christmas, which was also her birthday.  And last year, we lost my father-n-law seven days before Christmas.  This time of year brings an overwhelming amount of feelings, good memories and the ache of missing my Mom, and now my father-n-law. I will be glad for the beginning of the new year.

On a more positive note…

Even though I plan to work on my November socks, I started a Granny Square throw and think it will be a relaxing project for me the next few weeks.  I am basically going to go until I run out of yarn.  My plan is to use it as a light throw or something I can fold in half as a cozy wrap to wear outside when we star gaze.

I finished a pen and ink piece, that includes a touch of watercolor, that I am giving to my Dad and his wife for Christmas.  My Dad has been bugging me about drawing lately, which means he has been wanting something new to hang on their wall.  


I hope they like it, I tend to get a bit stressed giving art as a gift.  

I think the rest of my day will be enjoying my crochet project and reading.  Enjoy your day!

Friday Round Up – Knitting, Crocheting and Stitching

It’s Friday and I am so happy it is. Even though this week has been busy it has been good. The best part, we have finally cooled down and I have been enjoying wearing a few of my hand-knit sweaters.  

I have managed to make great progress on my sweater this week and have started the bottom ribbing.  I’ve decided to do 3” of ribbing, which I prefer over a few rows of ribbing.

This is not a great photo but you can at least see my progress. I am hoping to get one sleeve finished this weekend… fingers crossed.  

I haven’t touched my socks but plan to work on them after my sweater is done, so they are sitting in their knitting bags waiting patiently for some love.  

The only other thing I have started is a crocheted granny square blanket using my stash of Sirdar Jewelspun (I have 3 balls for a total of 1638 yards).  I am planning to make this large enough so that I can wrap it around me when we sit outside in the mornings or evenings. The yarn is super squishy soft and the colors are awesome.

Cross stitching was put on hold this week due to my sweater knitting but I only have a tiny bit to finish for clue 2 of the SAL and then I can work on clue 3.  I should have this done soon!

That’s about all I have going, which is enough for me.  What have you been working on this week?