A Garden Update …

The last two days have been 105°, which is way above our average temperature for this time of year. I thought for sure I would loose a few plants but I haven’t, which makes me so very happy!!

One thing I’ve noticed over the last week or so is that our Pineapple Sage seems to like the heat and has had a major growth spurt. Our peppers too are really starting to grow and I have new blooms on our cherry tomatoes. As far as other things thriving at the moment … the leman verbena has really taken off, the rosemary, thyme and mint are going nuts with new growth and my basil is still doing great.

Bottom photo in the front from left to right: Oregano , Flat Parsley, Peppermint, Lemon Verbena (front center), Pineapple Sage and French Lavender.

I’m excited about what I’m seeing in our little garden area and hopeful that our tomatoes, as well as everything else, will do well over the next couple of months. My hubby has an idea for creating a frame for shade cloth too, which will really help.

How’s your gardening endeavors going ?

My Garden…

The temperatures are beginning to rise here in the Valley of the Sun and I have been busy the last few days cleaning up our little garden area. A few of our plants have started to show signs of stress, which meant it was time to evaluate what I would try to keep and what I knew would need to go.

I spent the majority of this morning rearranging things and I repotted a couple of plants too. I also cut the last of my Italian Oregano, which is currently in my dehydrator drying, and removed the plant so I can empty out the container. The mint was repotted into larger containers and I’m so glad I did this because all three of them were so root bound. They now look much happier.

I no longer have hanging buckets, everything has either been repotted or removed. I also repotted our Thyme, which likes its spot much better too. Now I’m thinking of summer plants I can pot that will withstand the heat and the intense sun.

I know many of you are just now getting your gardens going and I’m a but envious, but know I will be back into full swing of gardening this fall. Meantime I will enjoy seeing all our peppers grow – jalapeños , bell pepper, poblano, candy cane and mad hatter – and enjoy picking our cherry tomatoes.

Friday Round Up

It has been a gorgeous week here in Phoenix with warmer than usual temperatures that I haven’t really minded because it’s helping my garden grow!

I have been spending as much time as possible outside these last few days and have truly loved every moment of it. In the photos below, the one on the far right shows our lettuce, onions and our recent additions that I shared last weekend.

I have been incorporating fresh herbs into our meals lately, and both my husband and I really like the extra flavor. If you eat salads, I highly recommend adding a little fresh basil, cilantro and chopped celery to your salad. It’s an amazing what a few added herbs can do when it comes to taste and even smell. I have also been making bread and have been adding freshly dried rosemary from our garden into it … it’s so good! I’m also using fresh dill in bread, as well as thyme. Using fresh herbs, or freshly dried herbs, has been a wonderful enhancement to my baking and to our meals.

Fresh Rosemary Parmesan Bread

On the crafting side of things …

I haven’t knitted or spun anything over the last week. I’m just not in the mood for it and instead have started a simple embroidery piece and a visible mending project.

As shared on Instagram a couple of days ago, my husband had a shirt jacket that I repaired a few years ago that he didn’t really like how it looked. He decided to just give it to me to make it my own so that’s what I’m doing. First I shortened the the length of the jacket, as well as the sleeves. Then I took out the original mending that was used to hide a very large tare in the back of the jacket . I decided to use hexies for my mending and went through my stash of batik fabrics. I am using a 3” hexie for the middle and four 2” hexies on the outside. I also plan to use a hexie or two on the front side as well. I am having fun and can’t wait to see how it turns out, which I hope it turns out like I plan.

For my embroidery piece I’m outlining and then will start working each section. I’m making this my own and will not be following the designers intent (I’m a rebel at times, lol). I traced this on a piece of off white grunge fabric and using Valdani size 4 thread in colors O501 (Ebony Almond) and P4 (Aged White). This is just a fun project and I’m enjoying it. I also have gotten my threads together for a cross stitch pattern that I plan to start soon too. The finished piece is destined to hang on a new peg board my hubby put up for me in our kitchen.

What have you been doing this week ?

Sunday Musings: A Round Up of Sorts

“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.”

– Laura Ingalls Wilder

It’s the last Sunday of the month and I am sitting here this morning wondering where February went to. I will say I’ve enjoyed this month tremendously and I think it’s because I’ve been outdoors putzing around in our yard. Working in my little garden gives me such peace, and has been helping to relieve tension and stress. Even the simple act of sitting in the warmth of the sun with my eyes closed, soaking up its warmth while listening to the buzz of bees and the whooshing of the hummingbirds, has given me great joy.

I have even taken my camera out again and have been having fun snapping pics of our daily visitor to our feeder. I think I have missed my camera a little and plan to start taking more photos with it instead of always using my phone.

Yesterday we went to our local Summer Winds Nursery and of course I came home with more plants. I bought cinnamon basil, purple leaf basil, nasturtium, lemon verbena, sage, three types of scallions/bunching onions, poblano pepper, a Juliette tomato and two types of strawberries I’ve never seen before. I decided to put the straw berries in hanging baskets and they are now hanging on our back wall where they will get plenty of sun and maybe even visits from our hummingbirds.

Summer Breeze is on the left and Berries Galore Rose is on the right

I really haven’t been doing too much knitting of late but have made some progress on my vanilla sock mate. I am almost to the heel and maybe will have a pair of finished socks soon. I also hope to finish my handspun shawl by the end of March and feel bad it hasn’t received much love but I tend to go in phases, and my current phase seems to be spinning more than knitting.

As far as reading is concerned, I am still reading Closed Casket by Sophie Hannah and Alchemy of Herbs by Rosalee de la Foret, which is almost a companion book to her Apothecary: Beginner’s Guide to Crafting Herbal Medicine class that I am finishing up. I haven’t been reading as much this month as other things of preoccupied my time but hope to get back into reading more soon.

Enjoy your day!