A Finished Project and A Date With My Blending Board

It’s been a wonderful week so far, a stay at home vacation together is just what the two of us needed.  It’s been so relaxing and I’ve even had the opportunity to do a little spinning and a little blending.

I finished chain playing my 1 oz of Corridale in the color Fruit Salad.  I ended up with 38 yards of worsted weight yarn, which makes me happy. 

I love the rustic look of my finished handspun!

Yesterday my husband had to run into town for a couple of things for a small home project he wanted to work on which gave me just enough time to bring out my Ashford Blending Board for a bit of fun.

The particulars: I purchased this bump of fiber from a Ravelry destash a few years ago and decided it would be perfect to use on my blending board.

Fiber:  Into the Whirled – November 2016 Club

Weight: 4 oz

Blend:  80% Superwash BFL and 20% Nylon

Color:  Bounty Hunter’s Picnic

The colors of the fiber is a gorgeous blend of brown, gray, copper brown, cream, a light minty green and silver.  I love the colors and really like how I blended them to create my own mix of colors.

I tried breaking the colors apart as I started to blend and the result was just as I hoped, a mix of cream, minty green and brown, as well as a mix of gray, silver and brown.
I just realized after reading a section of Pam Austin’s book of Hand Spinning by using my blending board I created a “puni-style” rolag.  I have been guilty of calling my blended creations “rolags” when in fact they are punis, or punk-style rolags.
Puni-style rolags are smaller in diameter than traditional rolags, but still larger in diameter than the punis. They are less blended and less dense than rolags. The one step that makes them the most like Punis is that they are rolled on a stick and the fibers are compacted; but not as compact as traditional punis.


I really enjoyed my couple of hours of blending and need to use my blending board more often as I always love how the blended colors turn out. For this finished fiber, I am planning to spin it up for a pair of handspun socks.
Until next time, be creative!