Wednesday WIPs

It’s a late start to my day for posting but I’m so excited to share where I’m at on my pair of vanilla sock. I think today I just might be able to finish one of them, which is the one on the left in the photo below. This is definitely the route I will go going forward for my sock knitting and I simply can’t believe how fast this has gone for me.

Patons Kroy Yarn – Blue Brown Mark

On another note … I made a little quilted pouch to hold my art journal and I had just enough room inside that I could also keep a small pouch for my micron pens, pencil, shader and a small sharpener. I loved how it turned out and it was a great way to repurpose something I made a few years ago that was really too small for anything else. I just need to add a couple of snaps so that I can close the flap and keep everything inside, other than that it’s ready to be used !

What are you working on today ?


I casted on a pair of vanilla cuff down socks using my stash of Patons Kroy in the color Blue Marl and decided to make them at the same time. One sock was started yesterday and the mate started this morning. My goal is to work on them alternately and have them finished around the same time. I’ve done this before and it has worked out great for me, and it helps with the notorious ”second sock syndrome” we sock knitters suffer from on occasion.

I think this summer I will do more of this and try to use up my stash of Patons Kroy, which is a favorite yarn of mine and I have at least 10 pairs worth of yarn I can use up. That would make me so happy and it would be awesome to start a second sock drawer too!

What are you working this week ?

Wednesday WIPs

I am so excited today! I have almost finished the front half of my Azalea Tee and just have the right shoulder to finish (a bit of short tow shaping). I’m hoping to start the back this afternoon and think I should be finished over the weekend, if not before. I really can’t believe I’ve knitted this up so quickly, well quick for me that is, and now I’m thinking about making more DK weight sweaters and tees.

The only other WIP I have at the moment is what is on my wheel. I’m still spinning my squishy soft Targhee in the color Poppet by Hello Yarn.

I’m truly enjoying spinning on my single treadle Matchless because it makes me slow down a bit and I don’t treadle too fast, which means I don’t over twist my yarn. I really love the colors in this fiber and can’t wait to see how it turns out.

I’m thinking I may chain ply this when finished, but we’ll see when I’m finished spinning.

What are you working on this week?

Wednesday WIPs

Knitting bag by Olivia of This Handmade Life

I have only one knitting project on my needles at the moment, which is rather unusual for me but I’m focused on my Azalea Tee . I have made great progress and have about 2” inches to go before I separate for the top portion and sleeves. I absolutely love the colors of this yarn and think it’s awesome that it rather matches my knitting bag.

The only other thing I have going is a spinning WIP. I’m spinning a super soft bouncy Targhee hand dyed by Hello Yarn. For this spin I am spinning on my 1988 single treadle Schacht Matchless that I bought in 2020 online from Goodwill. I love this fiber, it’s a dream to spin and my wheel choice is perfect!

What have you been working on ?