Making Progress…

I casted on my Azalea Tee April 6th and it’s taken me a month to say that I have finished everything but the sleeves, which I should have finished this week. I finished joining the front and back this morning, using a three needle bind off as called for in the pattern, and tried it on … it fits!!!

I really like how it fits and once the sleeves are finished and the sweater is blocked, it will be perfect to wear for this summer. Hopefully I will have it completely finished by the end of this week. Meantime this will remain my only WIP until I know for sure what I ”really” want to cast on next.

Have a wonderful day!

New Things, Garden Love and Reading

Shetland Wool Adventures

I’m so excited to receive these beautiful journals from Shetland Wool Adventures and can’t wait to dive into them. Journal 1, Journal 2 and Journal 3 have so many wonderful articles, wonderful photos and beautiful Shetland inspired designs (I’ve linked each Journal to Ravelry). I have plans to make the Brough Shawl, designed by Donna Smith and in Journal 1. I’ve loved this shawl design since I first saw it and think I have just the right yarn for it in my stash.

Our little container garden area is coming along nicely and with the warmer weather that is here everything is really starting to grow, and we are getting ready to have our first round of strawberries!! I’ve already started cutting Rosemary, which is hanging in our kitchen to dry, and cilantro for a few southwestern dishes I like to make. It’s so wonderful to be able to go out my back door to cut fresh herbs for baking and cooking.

I’ve been reading quite a few books over the last two weeks too. Right now I’m reading Closed Casket by SophieHannah, The Herbal Apothecary by Dr. JJ Pursell, Alchemy of Herbs by Rosalee de la Foret and Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide. That’s a lot of books and reading for me, but I’m loving them all and learning so much from my herbal books. I’ve even started my version of an apothecary cabinet (took over one side of our kitchen cabinets) and have been filling it with dried herbs, flowers and more. I also enrolled in Rosalee de la Foret’s online class, Apothecary: Beginner’s Guide to Crafting Herbal Medicine and learning more about how to use herbs for medicinal uses.

I’m still knitting, and even spinning a bit too. I’m currently working on the heel to my sock and have plans to work on my shawl too. I need to finish spinning what’s on my wheel and start spinning my Shetland for this months breed study. So maybe I’ll have time to spin a bit this weekend, we’ll see.

What are you up too ?

Goodbye to January


The first month of the year,

A perfect time to start all over again,

Changing energies and deserting old moods,

New beginnings, new attitudes” 

~ Charmaine J. Forde

I’m leaving the month of January behind on a good note. While I’m not sure I did everything I hoped, I feel good about what I accomplished and enjoyed.

Here’s my visual wrap up of January …

The other thing I completed in the month of January was moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress. This has been a very positive move for me. I really like the aesthetics of my blog, the ease of following other blogs, responding to comments, making comments and adding photos is now so much nicer. For me, this definitely was a smart move. I am still working on adding tags and categories to my older posts, which I hope to finish soon. Broken links and missing photos may or may not be fixed, time will tell. All in all, I simply love my blog !

I’m excited about February and plan to post a few goals for what I want to accomplish for the month. I’ve decided to make monthly goals for myself instead of yearly goals and think this will be so much more manageable . I plan on enrolling in a few online classes, learn to make more nutritious and homemade meals and learn to bake different breads. Container gardening will be a great focus and will get me outside more. And of course there will be knitting, spinning, stitching and reading.

Yes, I do believe February will be a good month!

How was January for you?

Wednesday WIPs

After completing my pair if November Socks last weekend I’ve decided it’s time to finish my Christmas At Hogwarts Socks. I am only on the first sock but I’ve finished the heel and gusset decreases, and about 2” of the foot. This means I will have the first sock finished this week and will be able to immediately cast on the mate. I do have a bit pooling on top of the foot but that is due to the creation of the heel and the only other way I could have avoided that is if I worked an After Thought Heel or a Short Row Heel. This is something I will consider next time if I have this kind of self-striping yarn.

I’ve set my Nurmilintu Shawl aside so I can finish this pair of socks but plan to pick it back up soon. I only have about 6 more rows to go before starting the second lace panel and will be almost finished with my first skein of yarn. I really love how this shawl is knitting up and can’t to finish it so I can wear it!

What are you working on today ?