A Garden Update …

The last two days have been 105°, which is way above our average temperature for this time of year. I thought for sure I would loose a few plants but I haven’t, which makes me so very happy!!

One thing I’ve noticed over the last week or so is that our Pineapple Sage seems to like the heat and has had a major growth spurt. Our peppers too are really starting to grow and I have new blooms on our cherry tomatoes. As far as other things thriving at the moment … the leman verbena has really taken off, the rosemary, thyme and mint are going nuts with new growth and my basil is still doing great.

Bottom photo in the front from left to right: Oregano , Flat Parsley, Peppermint, Lemon Verbena (front center), Pineapple Sage and French Lavender.

I’m excited about what I’m seeing in our little garden area and hopeful that our tomatoes, as well as everything else, will do well over the next couple of months. My hubby has an idea for creating a frame for shade cloth too, which will really help.

How’s your gardening endeavors going ?

My Garden…

The temperatures are beginning to rise here in the Valley of the Sun and I have been busy the last few days cleaning up our little garden area. A few of our plants have started to show signs of stress, which meant it was time to evaluate what I would try to keep and what I knew would need to go.

I spent the majority of this morning rearranging things and I repotted a couple of plants too. I also cut the last of my Italian Oregano, which is currently in my dehydrator drying, and removed the plant so I can empty out the container. The mint was repotted into larger containers and I’m so glad I did this because all three of them were so root bound. They now look much happier.

I no longer have hanging buckets, everything has either been repotted or removed. I also repotted our Thyme, which likes its spot much better too. Now I’m thinking of summer plants I can pot that will withstand the heat and the intense sun.

I know many of you are just now getting your gardens going and I’m a but envious, but know I will be back into full swing of gardening this fall. Meantime I will enjoy seeing all our peppers grow – jalapeños , bell pepper, poblano, candy cane and mad hatter – and enjoy picking our cherry tomatoes.