Making Progress…

I casted on my Azalea Tee April 6th and it’s taken me a month to say that I have finished everything but the sleeves, which I should have finished this week. I finished joining the front and back this morning, using a three needle bind off as called for in the pattern, and tried it on … it fits!!!

I really like how it fits and once the sleeves are finished and the sweater is blocked, it will be perfect to wear for this summer. Hopefully I will have it completely finished by the end of this week. Meantime this will remain my only WIP until I know for sure what I ”really” want to cast on next.

Have a wonderful day!

Time To Draw …

Today I’m taking a break from knitting (elbow issues) to enjoy my cup of hot tea a bit of drawing. It’s been almost a year since I’ve drawn in my art journal and I feel like I’ve rather lost my drawing ability. Like anything, if you do not consistently do something you tend to loose what you have learned. For me at the moment, that it how it is with drawing but I know when I make this part of my daily routine (just like spinning 15 minutes a day) I will get back into the swing of things.

My current state of drawing.

For now I’m starting something simple and we will see where this goes. For me, pen and ink has fascinated me for many years and I’m always in awe what pen and ink artist create. When I started knitting and spinning, I put my ”all” into it and I want to start doing this again with my drawing as I truly have missed it.

The one artist that has inspired me for a very long time is Philip Harris. He uses traditional pen and ink (dip pen and bottled ink), which is my long term goal to learn. His artwork is phenomenal and today I decided to sign up for his online art course. I’m excited !!!

Do you enjoy drawing, painting or watercolor ?

Wednesday WIPs

I am so excited today! I have almost finished the front half of my Azalea Tee and just have the right shoulder to finish (a bit of short tow shaping). I’m hoping to start the back this afternoon and think I should be finished over the weekend, if not before. I really can’t believe I’ve knitted this up so quickly, well quick for me that is, and now I’m thinking about making more DK weight sweaters and tees.

The only other WIP I have at the moment is what is on my wheel. I’m still spinning my squishy soft Targhee in the color Poppet by Hello Yarn.

I’m truly enjoying spinning on my single treadle Matchless because it makes me slow down a bit and I don’t treadle too fast, which means I don’t over twist my yarn. I really love the colors in this fiber and can’t wait to see how it turns out.

I’m thinking I may chain ply this when finished, but we’ll see when I’m finished spinning.

What are you working on this week?

My Garden…

The temperatures are beginning to rise here in the Valley of the Sun and I have been busy the last few days cleaning up our little garden area. A few of our plants have started to show signs of stress, which meant it was time to evaluate what I would try to keep and what I knew would need to go.

I spent the majority of this morning rearranging things and I repotted a couple of plants too. I also cut the last of my Italian Oregano, which is currently in my dehydrator drying, and removed the plant so I can empty out the container. The mint was repotted into larger containers and I’m so glad I did this because all three of them were so root bound. They now look much happier.

I no longer have hanging buckets, everything has either been repotted or removed. I also repotted our Thyme, which likes its spot much better too. Now I’m thinking of summer plants I can pot that will withstand the heat and the intense sun.

I know many of you are just now getting your gardens going and I’m a but envious, but know I will be back into full swing of gardening this fall. Meantime I will enjoy seeing all our peppers grow – jalapeños , bell pepper, poblano, candy cane and mad hatter – and enjoy picking our cherry tomatoes.