May Breed Study: WhiteFace Woodland

A week or so ago I received the Club Spin 15 May Breed study from Sherrill and she included a little #spin15aday bling with it, which I love and plan to use to store a drop spindle in, along with a small bump of fiber. I also joined the Club Spin 15 Shetland Edition as I love spinning Shetland wool and want to try spinning for DK weight for a colorwork project.

This months breed study is the Whiteface Woodland, which I studied and spun back in 2018. Sherrill introduced this breed study as a quarterly challenge and I only shared the Gotland that I spun, which I absolutely loved, but I did not share the Whiteface Woodland. I do remember that I enjoyed spinning it and I used it for a small handwoven tapestry piece. I’m looking forward to spinning it again and love the colors that Sherrill hand dyed it in – pink, green, blue, light purple and she name it ”Flowers for Mum”. The fiber is very soft to the touch and I can wait to start spinning it!

About the Whiteface Woodland sheep:

The breed is very hardy and able to thrive on poor quality grazing and harsh terrain.  Ewes can produce lambs into their teens and are prolific for a hill breed. Lambing percentages vary depending on location – up to 150% on the hill and can reach 200% in a lowland situation, although this is exceptional. Lambs are small and active.  The breed has a narrow face and is usually very easy lambing. The ewes are milky and make excellent mothers. Wool should have an approximate staple length- 15cm. Fleece weight- 2-3kg. Quality 44s-50s. The wool is used primarily for hand knitting yarns and blankets, with the coarser grades used for carpets.

RBST (Rare Breeds Survival Trust, UK) – if you want to know more click on the link for RBST

I think I will start spinning the Whiteface Woodland on my Schacht Sidekick that I keep in my home office/craft room. This will be the perfect project to work on throughout the work week.

Do you keep a project or two next too you in your home office (for just in case) ?

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