Friday Round Up: TGIF !

It’s a very late Friday afternoon post but my hubby and I just got home from our final day of book hunting and antiquing. Our week off together has been so wonderful and so very relaxing. As mentioned yesterday, we really didn’t do much other than book hunting, antiquing and enjoying a few meals out. Our mornings have been awesome and have been spent out on our patio with our coffee and listening to the morning chatter of all the birds. This has been by far the best way to end a month and I look forward to May!

So we found the last of the books we were searching for ….

And I found a piece of art ( Willow Wool Keep ) by American folk artist Carol Endres that looks perfect in my craft room / office. I love how it looks over my Singer treadle sewing machine. I also found an adorable sheep piece for our bookcase, which is the perfect addition to my sheep figurine collection.

I also got quite a bit of car knitting done and have about an inch to go before separating for the top portion and sleeves. It was fun knitting while be listened to Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Askaban.

I hope your day was enjoyable too!

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