On My Bookshelf: New Additions

My hubby and I are have been off this week for a much needed respite from work and family. We have been taking our time each morning to drink our coffee on the patio and watch the sun rise, which has been very relaxing.

We haven’t really done anything other than go to a few thrift shops, used bookstores and antique shops. Other than that, we have just been hanging around our home reading, taking a few naps here and there, watching a few movies and I’ve been enjoying my knitting. This week off together was just what we needed!

I was rather happy with the books we found and very excited to find the water pitcher by the Louisville Stoneware Co. I also have been looking for certain authors of the 1920s and 30s, and was so happy to find the vintage 1930s set of books by Kathleen Norris on eBay. I really do have a soft spot for old books.

Do you ever collect vintage or antique books?

8 thoughts on “On My Bookshelf: New Additions

  1. Sounds like a perfectly relaxing week! I don’t really collect anything (other than yarn). I think it’s a fallout from having to move so much as a kid where we got to have one box of stuff – other than books – we got to move each time. I tend to be more of a purchase, use, pass on as appropriate kind of person.

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    1. It truly has been a relaxing week Anne😊 Sometimes I wish I was that way but I have a fondness for old things, which I got from my mom who loved to collect many things.


  2. It sounds so relaxing to sit with your coffee and watch the sun rise. I suppose I could do that here, but it’d have to be inside (or, if I wait until the weather is comfortable outside, it would mean getting up really early!).

    I’ve got a growing collection of used books, but they’re not exactly old. If I don’t get books from the library and am not sure I want a really nice copy for my personal library, then I’ll buy them from Thriftbooks. It makes me feel good to give a used book some new life.

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    1. It really is Sarah and we are enjoying it while we can because in a few months it will be to warm to sit outside. That’s so awesome that your book collection is growing too! I love Thriftbooks…you can find great books there😊

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  3. Books are one of my favorite things to collect! I have a number of older editions because my mom was also a collector. That Kathleen Norris collection is beautiful – and, I think, a different Kathleen Norris than the one I’m currently collecting (The Cloister Walk and Amazing Grace are the two I have so far).

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    1. They are a favorite of mine to collect too Mary band how awesome you have books your mom collected too! Thank you, I’m excited about my Kathleen Norris collection and I know the other Kathleen Norris you are referring too but have not read her books yet.

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    1. That’s so awesome Karen ! I love the way they look too and find that many of the book bindings to be beautiful. I often wonder who might have read them and cherished them as much as I do.

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