Wednesday WIPs

Knitting bag by Olivia of This Handmade Life

I have only one knitting project on my needles at the moment, which is rather unusual for me but I’m focused on my Azalea Tee . I have made great progress and have about 2” inches to go before I separate for the top portion and sleeves. I absolutely love the colors of this yarn and think it’s awesome that it rather matches my knitting bag.

The only other thing I have going is a spinning WIP. I’m spinning a super soft bouncy Targhee hand dyed by Hello Yarn. For this spin I am spinning on my 1988 single treadle Schacht Matchless that I bought in 2020 online from Goodwill. I love this fiber, it’s a dream to spin and my wheel choice is perfect!

What have you been working on ?

12 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. Love the spinning! I haven’t gotten my wheel out in ages. I should dust it off and get back to it. Finding a wheel at Goodwill is awesome!

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    1. Thank you so much and yes, finding this wheel at Goodwill was awesome and such a wonderful surprise. You should, spinning is soothing 😊


    1. Sarah I couldn’t believe it either and even though it was in rough shape, I’ve been able to get her back into good working order. Thank you so much, I’m enjoying knitting it and look forward to wearing it soon. Targhee truly is bouncy!


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