Friday Round Up

Can you believe that Sunday is Easter? Today I am truly grateful to have a day off work and look forward to a relaxing three day weekend. We have no plans for the weekend and most likely stay home. I do plan to go out this morning for a bit of shopping but this afternoon I want to enjoy my knitting.

This week I have been mostly knitting and have made great progress this week on my Azalea Tee. I’m super excited that I’m already joining a second skein of yarn, which means this is knitting up quicker than I expected it would, and that makes me quite happy. I am loving the earthy colors in the yarn and look forward to wearing this tee with shorts or jeans.

I am still reading I Was Anastasia by Ariel Lawhon. I am not quite sure I am enjoying reading this book and even though I find parts of it to be quite boring, I will finish it eventually. I do find the history of the Romanov family to be interesting and often wonder what Russia would be like today if the royal family still ruled. Makes one wonder.

The only other thing I have been doing is spinning. I currently am working on my April breed study, which I should have finished soon. I also have been trying out my bulky plyer, which I put on my single treadle Matchless. After a few adjustments to my wheel, it is now spinning nicely but it has been a while since I’ve spun bulky weight so it has been a tad bit challenging to get back into the grove. All in all though I am enjoying both spinning projects.

What have you been working on or reading this week?

6 thoughts on “Friday Round Up

  1. Hope you have a great extra-long weekend! No big plans here but I’m hoping to be able to get some forward progress on several projects and the book I’m trying to get finished. Hope you have lovely weather to enjoy too!

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    1. Thank you Anne! Just decided to work on my Azalea tee, that’s just enough to keep me happy. The weather has been lovely and hope it is for you too! Happy Easter 🐇


  2. That yellow fiber is so beautiful! Enjoy your knitting and your long weekend. I am dreaming of the Easter weekends of my childhood instead of the windy, cold, rain and sleet that I has settled on us.

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    1. Thank you so much Juliann! I think Easter was much different when I was growing up. I remember Easter bonnets and dresses, worn with white gloves. In the south everyone dressed up for Easter service, our church then had an egg hunt and potluck. Good memories 😊 Have a wonderful Easter 🐇


  3. I took Friday off (mainly because my daughter had no school and I had vacation time to use) and it was such a nice treat, particularly as it was a beautiful day. I kept thinking it was Saturday, so it was so nice to remember that I still had a full weekend ahead!

    I love how sunny and cheerful that gold fiber is. I’m in the middle of spinning some undyed fiber and am craving some color!

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    1. That is so awesome you took a day off to enjoy a beautiful day and spend time with your daughter. Hopefully you will be spinning color soon! Happy Easter 🐇


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