Friday Finishes

I’m so happy to share two finishes today, and both have been my only two WIPs over the last couple of months.

I started this pair of socks the beginning of February . Normally when I knit socks it takes me about two weeks to finish a pair but for some reason I just wasn’t in the mood to work of socks. I love the mix of blues in the yarn I used, which was a skein I purchased at Hobby Lobby sometime last year in their Authentic Hand Dyed yarn in the color Shibori Blue. The yarn is squishy soft but I found it a but splitty. All in all, I’m vet happy with my finished pair of vanilla socks.

I also finished my handspun Nurmilintu shawl, which I shared on Instagram but also wanted to share here too. I love how my shawl turned out and quite pleased with the striping of my handspun yarn, which is what I was hoping I would achieve when I was spinning it. I casted on this shawl January 4th and finished it on April1st. I had about a 1/2 ounce of handspun yarn left, which makes me happy that I didn’t have to play yarn chicken after all. I look forward to wearing my shawl this fall and winter.

What did you finish this week ?

20 thoughts on “Friday Finishes

    1. Thank you so much very 😊 How exciting that you are learning to spin!! I will share it took me about 2 years to gain consistency in my spinning, and there are times I still have issues, lol.


  1. I was wondering about the Hobby Lobby hand dyed yarn. There are some very pretty colors and the price is good too. Thank you for the review. The colors in your shawl are beautiful. The patyern you chose shows them off to their full potential. My needles are still full but I have been working diligently on a shawl.

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    1. Marsha, it is squishy soft and knits up lovely. This particular skein was a bit splitty, but others I’ve used were not. Thank you so much , I really loved working on my shawl 😊 Shawl knitting is very soothing!


  2. Oh my goodness – what fun socks! And your shawl turned out beautifully – nice work!

    Between you, Sarah, and Andrea Mowry’s YouTube videos… my goodness, I’m really wanting to learn how to spin. But I’m trying to ignore that impulse! 😉

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  3. Love the blues in the yarn you used for your socks. They turned out fabulous! And your shawl is so gorgeous. The lace patter is so beautiful. I know you will enjoy wearing it when the weather gets cool again.
    I haven’t completely finished anything lately, but give me a couple of more days and I may just have that Liva cardigan finally finished 😉

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    1. Thank you so much Ginny! I really love the blues in the yarn. My shawl turned out just as I hoped it would and look forward to wearing it this fall. I can’t wait to see your Liva cardigan when your all finished !!

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      1. Isn’t it great to have an awesome shawl to look forward to wearing in the fall? I didn’t wear nearly enough of my shawls this last year. Mainly because I really didn’t go anywhere. But I am looking forward to wearing them all this next fall and winter.
        The Liva just needs a soak and blocking. Woo Hoo!

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