Hello April

April is here and I’m embracing this month with all my heart … soon the weather will be getting much warmer here in Phoenix and the things I delight in will soon be gone. I have been so blessed these past months to see my herbs and vegetables grow, and it has been so wonderful to be able use many of them daily in my cooking and baking. This month will be the best month as many of our garden plants are in bloom, which means fresh tomatoes and peppers will be coming soon. I will also be drying more herbs … rosemary, sage, thyme, dill, oregano, cilantro and parsley, and will be drying as many calendula flowers as possible. April will indeed be a good month!

8 thoughts on “Hello April

    1. Happy birthday Juliann 😊 That is so true for your area… we are starting to wind down on a few of our plants but excited about peppers this year !


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