Wednesday WIPs

I have been working on my handspun Nurmilintu shawl over the last few days and have made great progress. Yesterday I finished the second lace repeat and now I’m working on the next garter stitch section. I need to change to a longer circular needle, which I will do later today.

I find it interesting how the colors looks different each time I take a photo. The above progress photo really shows accurate colors. I am hoping to have enough yarn for the third lace repeat and if so, I will be able to finish it off the shawl with a few garter stitch rows following the lace panel and end with the picot bind off. I do hate playing yarn chicken, but that’s most likely what I will be doing as I get closer to the end. Fingers crossed I have enough yarn!

My sock and my embroidery piece are in the same stages as seen below. Eventually they will get completed once my shawl is finished.

What have you been working on lately ?

12 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. Those colors in your shawl are stunning – so saturated, and yet, kind of subtle. I’ve been nearly monogamous to my SSP shawl (nearly because today was Opera Wednesday and I knitted a couple of rounds on my sock while we waited for the production to begin).

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      1. The Opera was wonderful; the Met’s productions are simply stunning and the Live in HD is really well done. I’m so glad we are getting back to them. My mom and I started going when she moved up here in 2018 … and then the last half of the 2019/20 season was cancelled; 2020/21 didn’t happen at all; and we just started back for the end of the 21/22 season. We are really looking forward to next year!

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  2. The shawl is looking really wonderful! Playing yarn chicken is always nerve-wracking, but I feel like it’s a common thing with handspun, especially when we want to use up as much of a skein as possible.

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