Wednesday WIPs

My post is a little late for the day, but I’m so happy to share that I’m finally knitting again and working on my only two projects, the mate to my sock and my handspun Nurmilintu shawl, which I started a project page on Ravelry but haven’t been too good about keeping things updated. I started keeping a knitting journal about two years ago for all my notes and photos, and haven’t quite gotten back into the swing of using Ravelry.

I started knitting my pair of socks the beginning of February , finished the first sock February 15th and even though I casted on the mate, I just haven’t been working on it as I should. I have no idea when it will get finished but I’m on the foot and really don’t have too much left to go before starting the toe.

Today I’m working on my Nurmilintu shawl that I started the first of January. I am just about to the second lace repeat and as you can see above, will be started my second skein of yarn very soon. I still absolutely love these colors and look forward to finishing it soon.

I did have two spinning WIPs but they are now completed projects that I will share on Friday. I really love how both projects turned out!

What are you working on today ?

8 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. I find that my motivation for sock knitting, in particular, comes and goes. Don’t worry about that second sock – you’ll get to it! Your shawl, of course, is looking so lovely. I’m glad you’re finding opportunities to pick up your needles again 🙂

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    1. That is me in a nutshell Katie and yes, eventually it will get finished. Thank you so much, I’m enjoying working on my shawl and like you, I too said no more shawls but this finished handspun screamed “shawl”.

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  2. I suspect your knitting mojo dipped a bit when the weather got nice and you were spending more time playing in the dirt outside! I’m really looking forward to seeing your shawl when it’s finished.

    I’m also working on a pair of socks (though I’m only on the first one) that will be for my daughter, and the majority of my knitting time has been devoted to the sweater I started late last week. I split the sleeve and body stitches yesterday, so now I’m ready to cruise down the body.

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    1. You suspected right Sarah, I’m finding myself outside more and more these days. But the nice thing, I can now take my knitting outside and also work on my shawl throughout my work day. I love the sweater you started and can’t wait to see it finished. Your daughter will be happy to get a pair of socks 😊


  3. Your shawl is beautiful. There is a special kind of magic that comes when knitting with handspun. I have used that pattern as a canvas for several shawls. I found you on Instagram and am happy to know you write a blog as well. I live in a different part of the country but share some similar interests.,

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    1. Thank you so much Jane and I am so happy you found my blog. Knitting with handspun is rather magical and so satisfying too. This is my third Nurmilintu shawl and I’m sure it won’t be the last. You have a lovely blog, love the mitts you are working on 😊


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