From My Apothecary Cabinet – Calendula Salve

Calendula heals wounds, relieves inflammation, increases beneficial immune responses, is mildly antimicrobial, and even protects the skin from radiation damage. 

Rosalee de la Foret – See full benefits and video here

Since we have been back in Arizona, and as I get older, my skin gets so dry any more that lotion doesn’t seem to help. I have noticed that I’m beginning to develope dry patches and find that my face especially gets dry, which amazes me as when I was younger I tended to have very oily skin. I began researching the benefits of Calendula, especially the use of Calendula salve, and was amazed how beneficial this flower is to have and maintain in my apothecary cabinet.

Herbalists have long used calendula for skin health, including it in luscious creams or even herbal steams. Science has further validated this use by showing that calendula improves elasticity and skin hydration.4 I recommend frequently using calendula creams on your skin to keep it healthy, soft, and pliable. 

Rosalee de la Foret – Herbs With Rosalee

It took me about two weeks to collect enough flower heads to dry (I used my food dehydrator and the sun) and then I used the dried flowers to infuse into 4oz of grapeseed oil, which sat on my kitchen counter for about three weeks.

This past Sunday I made my first salve and it feels so amazing on my skin! I started a new facial skin care regimen too and have started cleansing my face with pure honey and water (which will leave your face soft) and then follow with my newly made calendula salve. My face hasn’t been this soft in years and I am hopeful that this salve, along with the use of honey, will help reduce my dry patches and help restore balance to my skin.

Here’s the recipe I used, which I cut in half (link to my post)



Using a fine mesh strainer, I strained all the oil so there would be no petals in the salve, and used a spoon to mash down the flowers to make sure no oil was left behind. I ended up with almost a half of a cup of golden orange calendula infused oil. Next I poured the oil into my double boiler and added a half bar of beeswax. Over medium heat, I stirred the oil and beeswax until the wax was completely melted and then added 10 drops of lavender essential oil. I immediately removed it from the heat and poured into my 2 oz tins. This batch yielded two tins of salve.

One thing I noticed while making this salve was the smell of the calendula. It smelled like sunflower oil, which too me is a nice scent. This was exciting and fun to make and I definitely will be making more.

Courtesy of The Herbal Academy – A Family Herb: Helpful Calendula Blossoms

➡️ Next Tuesday I will be writing about a natural pain relieving massage oil (simple ingredients) that I’ve been using not only for myself, but on my husband too.

8 thoughts on “From My Apothecary Cabinet – Calendula Salve

  1. I forgot about using honey as a face cleanser. I have some in my cabinet. And I will look forward to reading about that pain relief salve. I have a friend who make a hand salve for me and it is so lovely

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    1. Juliann I did too and it has really helped my skin. That is so awesome that you received such a gift, there are so many wonderful salves that can be made. Hopefully you’ll find my post next week helpful, it’s been great so far for my hubby.


    1. Thank you Karen. I personally have tried just about everything under the sun and nothing has worked. For the first time in many years my face is remaining soft and not getting dry, which makes me so happy 😀


  2. This is so interesting! I have problems with my skin getting very dry (and sometimes splitting) in the winter because of the dry air — which I imagine is also an issue in Arizona — so I have been using a solid lotion bar for a couple of years. Does the salve solidify when it’s done, or is it more of a thick lotion?

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