March Breed Study: Radnor Wool

I am so late in posting my March Breed study but today seemed like a good day to post – after all it is St. Patrick’s Day and the color of this month’s study is called Lucky Charms,No Not the Cereal.

I love the green tones in this month’s study!

This month’s study is Radnor, which is a brand new breed to me and I’m excited about spinning it. This breed is a conversation breed, and has been recognized in Central Wales for many centuries (source: Fleece and Fiber Book, p. 209). Even though I know this particular 2 oz has been hand dyed, the characteristics of the wool remains. At first touch, it’s a bit rough but I’m thinking as I spin it will start to soften up.

Staple length is 2-6 inches with a micron count of 27-33 and a lock characteristic of mostly rectangular short pointed tips with an overall medium crimp. This wool is classified as an all-purpose wool and is good for next to the skin garments, such as hats, gloves and sweaters.

My work life has changed and I’m getting acclimated to my new position, which means I haven’t had much time this month to do all the things I love. Once I get my schedule under control I will get back to doing ”all the things”. Meantime I do hope to skein up my February Breed Study soon, which I should have done a few weeks ago as it was finished the last part of February. I also need to ply my finished bobbins of Into the Whirl – Bounty Hunters Picnic.

Are you spinning this month ?

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