Wednesday WIPs

It’s a cloudy and overcast day here in Phoenix with a chance of rain. I like days like today, it reminds me of Kentucky. I must admit sometimes I really miss the rainy days and the misty mornings.

I’ve been working on my sock this week and finished the first one yesterday. The mate has been casted on and I’m already working n the leg. I am hoping to be able to knit a little throughout the day, fingers crossed for a slow work day.

I really love blues in this yarn and can’t wait to have a finished pair to wear. I still have my shawl to work on too, as well as spinning. I will get to these projects when I can.

What are you working on this week ?

16 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. I often comment to people who don’t live in the SW US that this constant sunshine is sometimes kind of depressing, and they always say “You’re kidding, right?” But nope… I like a wild and windy day with rain pouring down, or morning mist… and I miss that weather here. Hope you get lots of progress made on your socks!

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    1. Oh my goodness… you are spot on! I feel that way too and miss these kind of days. Sunny days are wonderful but I do love those cloudy overcast days.


  2. Totally agree that I actually like cold, cloudy days. It gives me “permission” to just snuggle up with a hot cup of coffee and knit while watching YouTube knitting videos. Here in SW Florida, I feel I’m required to “get outside” with the constant sunshine and warm weather.

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    1. Gives me permission to do the same and it’s so true here too that you feel obligated to go outside. It’s just nice to have a few days to stay indoors to enjoy those cozy kind of days 😀

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  3. I used to love those days in Arizona too. Love them here in the summer – gives me permission to be inside with my yarn. Today I am setting up an indoor herb garden that I got for Christmas. It has a light attached so I am hoping to grow basil all year round

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  4. I do think a cool gray day is the best for feeling good about staying in. Our forecast for tomorrow is now warm and gray, which might mean stormy weather (wind, thunderstorms, and even tornados) … we’ll be staying in – and staying tuned to the weather! (and knitting. and reading.)

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  5. So glad you had such a comforting weather day. I love rainy days no matter the season. Your sock is lovely and I’m glad you’re getting in rows here and there. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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  6. The sun is shining a bit here today. Yay! Love your sock! The colors are gorgeous! I hope that you are getting lots of knitting time in so you can finish that other sock. I am working on the Liva cardigan (my Olympic project) but at a standstill while waiting on my DPN to arrive. Fingers crossed for today 😉

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    1. Yeah for sunshine and knitting! Thank you so much, the colors in this yarn are really beautiful and it’s hard to capture the mixture of blues. Your cardigan is going to be beautiful 😍


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