On My Bookshelf: All About Herbal Remedies

I may have a book problem ….

There’s probably one thing many people don’t know about me, when I want to learn about something or try something new, I go full steam ahead and have to buy everything related to what I want to learn and know about. I’ve been this way since my early 20s and think I get this from my mom, she was often this way too. I’m so grateful to have a patient husband that doesn’t mind me doing this and who supports me on all my new adventures and endeavors.

Herbalism was the grounding of flower power. Nature woke us up.

David Hoffman

When you learn new things do you take it slow or go full steam ahead like me ?

10 thoughts on “On My Bookshelf: All About Herbal Remedies

  1. I have this tendency too but I am learning to get books from my library first so I don’t end up with boxes of books to donate when I lose steam. So many things I want to learn about and herbs are on my list too.

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    1. I don’t have a library near by so I tend to buy books. I don’t buy as many as I once did, especially knitting books. I have become more selective in choosing books that I buy and find I donate less.


  2. Full steam ahead is my motto also. I do most of my research on the internet, these days. Otherwise, I would need another house just for books. Hubby is also this way but buys the books. We donated over 450 books last year that were a result of his “researches”.

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