A Deep Longing

“Sometimes the desire to be lost again, as long ago, comes over me like a vapor.”

Mary Oliver

The words of Mary Oliver above is exactly how I’ve been feeling of late and I wrote this in my journal a few days ago…

There is a longing in my heart for simpler times and even saying I miss the ”good old days” sounds a bit nostalgic, that’s how I have been feeling of late. I miss the quiet peaceful nature of the mountains, listening to the wind as it blows through the pine trees echoing the sound of the sea, the shear joy of digging in the dirt, seeing things grow and using a wood stove for heat. I miss quiet, seeing the stars and the Milky Way in the black of night. I miss the echo of thunder off the mountains during a thunderstorm and the smell of fresh clear air in the sunlight. I miss the sound of the stream as it runs over rocks, the wildflowers in the meadows and seeing deer among the trees. I yearn for these bygone days, living in a smaller place and wide open space. City living is not for me but know we are here for a reason and at God’s request. Until that reason has been fulfilled, I can still dream of returning home and to that place of rest.

Tina Sanders, February 2022
My photos taken in the White Mountains of Arizona

At times I wish I could simply turn off the world and return to these times. I now fully understand why my maternal grandmother often said she missed the ”good old days”, and my mother too. Even though times were tough, they just missed the peace and simplicity of life. I asked my husbands grandmother one time what time of her life did she love the most and her response …” I miss the 40s the most. Life was hard and we didn’t have much, but folks came together to help one another and our country.” I think she had something there. People truly didn’t have much, but in times of need they came together. Victory Gardens were abundant, living off the land was key and coming together at night to listen to the radio was a family affair. Life back then was simple, not chaotic like it can be today.

Courtesy of Tasha Tudor and Family

I can now see why Tasha Tudor choose the life she led, like me she longed for the bygone days and I rather envy the lifestyle she had. She lived on a homestead, grew her own food, raised chickens, made candles, made her own clothing, knitted, read by lamplight and so much more. She lived a full life, free from the stress of the world.

I think this one reason that I have a strong desire to return to simpler times, learn to make our food from scratch, bake bread, garden the best I can and learn about herbal remedies. I am finding of late that I am not spending as much time online or watching TV because I‘m wanting to do more than sit on the couch. I want read, be outside, learn to use my treadle sewing machine, do hand-stitching, spin wool and more. Now to find the time to do all these ”things”

My husband and I dream of returning to the life we once had, and cherished, but for now we are learning to be content. God moved us back here for a reason and we both fully understand that now. I know when it’s time for us to move on, God will close this door and will open a window for the next chapter in our life.

Do you ever long or have a desire for simpler times?

9 thoughts on “A Deep Longing

  1. I feel ya. There are days I just want to get-away from the city. It may be the reason I am such a homebody. Going out among throngs of humanity does not entice me. I would love to live in the mountains away from the fast paced life of the city. Although, I do enjoy modern conveniences like indoor plumbing lol. I doubt I could homestead 💯. But, who knows.

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    1. I totally understand what you’re saying. There’s just too many people and so much traffic. It doesn’t entice me much either and like you I’ve become a homebody. I’m not sure I could homestead either or live without certain conveniences but just living away from the city would be heavenly.


  2. TASHA!! I used to get her books out of the library after we were newly married and drooled over her lifestyle. I try so hard to live in the here and now and to focus on what is good in my life. writing a gratitude list helps me immensely!

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    1. Her lifestyle was very interesting and so inspiring. I do too Karen but lately it’s been hard for me but I have been trying hard to focus on the good things and always so very grateful for. Have a blessed day 😊


  3. This is such a thoughtful post – and your journaling is way more coherent than mine! … and no, I don’t want “simpler times”. I love the connections and conveniences “these times” bring. and even though we still have a long way to go in terms of how we treat everyone, it’s so much better today than even 20 years ago.

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