A Friday Finish !

One can never have enough socks … Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn’t get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.”

Dumbledore after he tells Harry that he sees socks in the Mirror of Erised, The Sorcerer’s Stone

I shared the above photo on Instagram on Monday but thought I would share it here on my blog as well. I started this pair of socks on December 24th as my Christmas Eve cast on and finished the pair on January 31st. Sock knitting usually goes quickly for me but for some reason I just could get into the sock knitting spirit the first few weeks of January. I’m happy though to end the month with two finished pairs of socks though.

The particulars:

Yarn: Twist Sock in the color Christmas At Hogwarts dyed by Ashely of Old Wire Road Fiber Co. I have a decent amount left that I’m thinking of using for striped socks or a leftover sock yarn type of shawl. We’ll see.

Needles: I used two 16” Knitters Pride circular needles size US 1 1/2” This

Pattern: Just my plain vanilla sock recipe that I use quite often and that always fits me well. Casted on 64 stitches, worked a 1” k2,p2 rib, 5” for leg, slip stitch heel with a rounder heel (great heel chart here ) worked the foot for 7”, decreased to 28 stitches (14 on each needle) and used the Kitchener stitch to finish.

Maybe I will be able to finish another two pairs of socks this month and agree with Dumbledore, one can never not have enough socsk.

Any finished objects for you this week ?

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