A Friday Roundup

Happy Friday ! Can you believe we are already saying goodbye to January? I find it amazing how quickly this month flew and that next week is February. I really don’t feel like I’ve been too productive this month, but Januarys usually make me feel that way as I am often still pondering about what I want to do for my knitting, spinning, gardening and more.

I am quite happy that a finished a pair of socks and yesterday I finished sock one of my Christmas at Hogwarts socks. I am quite determined to finish the mate before February rolls around and hoping that my work day will be peaceful enough for me to sneak in a bit of knitting. Spinning this month has been hit and miss, but I am trying to spin at least 15 minutes a day to maintain consistency. I am currently finishing up my hand-blended BFL blend that I started spinning in December and will have it finished soon.

As far as reading goes, I finished Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen and now have started reading the sequel, First Frost. These books are light reads and have been perfect for the month of January.

Courtesy of CraftLit

I have also revisited an old friend so to speak, CraftLit, which is hosted by author and knitter Heather Ordover. When we first moved to Arizona I was so excited to find not only yarn shops (many have since closed) but so many wonderful knitters through Ravelry. I met so many people at that time and often Heather’s podcast came up because they shared the love of reading too. When I first discovered Heather’s podcast, she and her family lived in Tucson and I couldn’t believe I found such a fun and great podcast that was produced in the state lived in. I loved listening to her thoughts about the book that was being currently read and discussed. As time went by though I stopped listening but just the other day I came across her podcast on iTunes and have started listening again. If you like classical literature, be sure to check out Heathers website and podcast.

I am looking forward to the weekend and relaxing. My hubby has had a hard week at work, so I don’t want to do too much as he needs to rest. This weekend simply might call for sitting out on our patio to enjoy the sun and read or take a trip to a favorite antique store.

How was January for you? Any fun plans for the weekend?

12 thoughts on “A Friday Roundup

  1. That sounds like a nice way to spend the weekend – relaxing and hanging out. We always seem to try to pack a lot into the weekends to the point where sometimes Monday is a welcome bit of quiet. Thanks for the reminder about that podcast. I’ve enjoyed it in the past as well!

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    1. Anne we have too and sometimes do way too much on the weekend, making us even more tired. Sometimes just enjoying a bit of quiet is the best! You are so very welcome and I was so happy to find CraftLit again, it’s enjoyable 😊


  2. I have been listening to Craftlit for a long time, since the summer of 2007. I actually stopped listening for a bit last year but picked it up again recently to listen to The Leavenworth Case and really enjoyed it.

    I’m hoping for a quiet weekend here as well. My daughter has had a rough week of school and it’s been brutally cold and snowy, so it will be good to stay inside and cozy. I think we’re going to bake some rugelach!

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    1. That’s awesome you listen to CraftLit too! I started listening in 2008 and truly enjoyed it. I’m listening to the Leavenworth Case as well and like it! Hurray for quiet weekends and your daughter had a rough week, a quiet weekend will help. Keep warm and have fun baking rugelach 😊


    1. That’s awesome and I think many of us have listened to CraftLit at some point in time. Yes, I’m in denial too 🤣 Enjoy your weekend Juliann!


  3. Sitting on the patio enjoying sun sounds really great about now, since we are expecting 13″ + of snow over the next 2 days. I am already so done with winter. I hope that you had a very nice relaxing weekend to end January. My January was not the best, so I am happy to see it go and hoping that February will a much better month and that it will fly by to bring me closer to Spring 😉 Happy February!

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