One Word: January Reflection

I am joining Carolyn for her link party to share my one word for the year. I believe the end of each month is a good time for me to share and I plan to keep it simple by sharing a monthly update of how my word choice for the year is making a difference in my life.

As I reflect back at the word I chose for this year, I realize that forgiveness comes in many shapes and forms. To forgive someone verbally is sometimes hard, especially if that person doesn’t even realize that you have been hurt by their actions. I started keeping a journal a year or so ago to help me to forgive and to move on, which helped tremendously but I still need to continue to work on the act of “forgiving”.

As life moves forward and years have passed by, I have come to realize it’s time to put the past behind me, to forgive and to move forward. If I don’t, I will never find the peace that I seek or understand that sometimes God places us in a position to learn, to grow and to heal.

This photo collage of words really it home and truly encompasses the meaning of forgiveness.

8 thoughts on “One Word: January Reflection

  1. Oh, boy…this really shines a light for me. Reflecting on two ‘biggies’ in my life, I can see, clearly, that I’ve moved on…but haven’t forgiven. And without forgiveness, CAN we really move on? What a powerful, vulnerable word for the year. It’s an honor to follow along.

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    1. Carolyn, it’s so true. If we do not forgive, we simply cannot move forward, even if we think have. For me, it was like a lightbulb went on and I finally understood what I need to do. Thank you so much for visiting and sharing.


  2. It occurred to me a couple of years ago that not forgiving doesn’t really do anything to the person or thing you’re mad at; rather, holding onto the anger hurts just you. In that light, choosing forgiveness really is a gift to yourself. I hope that your focus on it this year helps you make your life better and fuller.

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  3. That word cloud really speaks to me – the word LOVE is the first one I see … and I think Forgiveness helps us love others AND ourselves better. Wishing you a love-filled journey with your word this year!

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