Sunday Musings: Becoming A Plant Minimalist

He who plants a garden plants happiness.”

— Chinese Proverb 

I love this Chinese Proverb and that is exactly how how feel about gardening, it brings me happiness. Living in a desert is often challenging when it comes to gardening. We are starting at the time where we need to get everything planted so the plants can grow, and produce, before the hot summer heat begins, which is typically the end of May to the first part of June. I am so excited this year about my little container garden area and the simplicity of our back yard.

I love gardening and have always had yards with lots of flowers and plants, but since we have moved back to Phoenix our thoughts about gardening changed. We started off with lots of beautiful plants in our back yard that did quite well for the first couple of years then they just died. It was due to the hot scorching heat of the summer and the roots of the trees in our yard that choked the other plant roots. So everything was taken out and we became plant minimalists.

When 2020 rolled around and we stayed home, my husband Don needed a project to help him relieve stress, so he re-did our back yard. Desert living is different than other places. It’s low maintenance, rock and desert plants. While I do miss having plants, I do not miss the disappointment of always having plants die and having to replace them. So our back yard has become very low maintenance and very simple. We have become plant minimalists.

After the remake…

Our backyard today…

2020 was also the year we started container gardening on one side of our house that was not being used and found it was perfect for this type of gardening. I was so happy to be able to dig in the dirt again and it brought me great joy. I have continued container gardening and this month was able to get a few new herbs potted (mint, lavender, sage, dill, thyme, oregano, basil, cilantro) peppers (snack and sweet) and tomatoes (cherry and slicing) potted and I even bought hanging strawberry plants. I am quite happy!

Some day we will live in a different place where we can have all the ”plants” again and where I can have an actual vegetable garden, but for now I am finding happiness with what we have and it’s quite satisfying to be able to walk out to snip a few herbs for cooking. For me this little area in our backyard is giving me great joy.

I grow plants for many reasons: to please my eye or to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow.

David Hobson

Do you garden ?

4 thoughts on “Sunday Musings: Becoming A Plant Minimalist

  1. Just started my Aero Garden last Sunday and already have sprouts coming up. Gardening here in the desert is a challenge. So glad you have figured put what works for you. Your backyard is lovely.

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  2. Your back yard looks fabulous! And your side garden is wonderful! I have great thoughts about having a beautiful garden, but I don’t garden. I guess I am just not an outside person. Though I want to be. We re-did a few things in our back yard this past summer and I have hopes of getting some plants and flowers into the ground this year, but I have no idea where to begin. We shall see where it goes. I pretty much kill every house plant I get, so the reality of having an actual garden is pretty low, LOL

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    1. Oh thank so very much 😊 Gardening definitely can be challenging and I have had issues with plants since we’ve lived here. I think though I finally have found the solution to gardening by using pots and containers. I have also realized it’s ok if something doesn’t work or grow. That is so awesome you redid your backyard and you’ll find the right plants to put in 😊

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