Wednesday WIPs

Squishy softness above !

I am loving the process of knitting my handspun Nurmilintu. It’s a soothing knit for me and one that is relieving a little bit of added stress that has come my way this week. It might not look like I’ve made much progress, and in reality I haven’t because I haven’t worked on it for a few days, but I’m hopeful that I will have time to work on it today because I’m just about 16 rows away from working the second lace repeat. Right now the lace pattern is lost in the crumpled knitted fabric but after blocking it will definitely be seen.

The only other active work in progress is my spinning. I finished my single bobbin of Andean Wool in the color Polar Bears on Ice and yesterday was able to chain ply it. It has become so soft and I love how it spun up and the best part, chain plying was a breeze. I am happy to have a nice sport weight 3-ply yarn and only need to skein it up to find out what my finished yardage will be.

My blog is rather a work in progress too and I’m still working on updating my older posts to include tags and categories. This will take me quite a while as it’s a line by line edit, but eventually everything will be updated and in good order. I think too I have finally found the “blog theme” that I am comfortable with and like. I will be closing my blog on Blogger by Friday and moving over to WordPress was truly the best thing I could have done at this point.

What have you been working on lately ?

6 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. I have climbed back on the finishing wagon in an effort to stick to my (self imposed) three projects at a time rule. Hoping to have an empty project back soon so I can cast on a new sweater.

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  2. Isn’t it nice to start feeling a little settled here? Love your theme and I’m having so much fun with the comments … feels way more interactive than it did with my old blog (which was a self-hosted WordPress). Your shawl with the handspun looks so soft and I’m forever in awe of someone who can knit from yarn they made themselves.

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    1. It really is and thank you, I love your theme too. I agree about the comments, so much more fun and easy to reply too. My shawl is super soft, which makes me happy. Spinning is my second love and making my own yarn is so rewarding.


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