Sunday Musings: Welcome To My New Home

Good morning! I hope you found your way over here from Blogger and welcome you to my new website. I am so excited that I made the move to WordPress! I will share that this move has been a little challenging and I still have a few bugs to work out. The most challenging part of this move is loosing my tags in posts. I will be editing each post to re-add tags and then I can add additional pages. All of this will get fixed in due time.

Oh a more fun note, yesterday I bought a few new herbs to pot in our container garden. I still need to buy a few more, along with tomatoes, and a few more spring flowers, especially pansies.

I love this time of year, especially when all the beautiful spring flowers start to show up in the nurseries. I have a fondness for alyssum, pansies and violas, which I plan to add to my potted stock. Maybe I can talk my hubby into going to the nursery today!

What are you doing today ?

14 thoughts on “Sunday Musings: Welcome To My New Home

  1. Bloggers are always singing the praise of Word Press. I believe that it’s better than Blogger but I’m not sure I have the tech savvy to make the switch!
    I can’t believe that anyone is thinking about gardening today. It is 8 degrees in Madison, Wis. Perfect temperature to stay home and knit!

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    1. That’s cold up in your area Deborah! I know it sounds crazy about gardening but we start early in Phoenix. I too am enjoying knitting today, trying to finish a hat 😊


  2. It’s so strange to see things growing in pots outside when everything is covered in white where I am! I really like your set-up with the buckets; that’s a really clever vertical solution.

    I hope once you work out the kinks, this new blog works out better for you!

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