A New Cast On

I have been wanting to knit more with my finished handspun and couldn’t resist casting on a hat yesterday. I decided to use a cherished skein of Cheviot in the color Owls (hand dyed fiber from Quillin Fiberarts) that I spun in March of 2019, and yes it’s been in my handspun stash for a long time. The colors are a mix of black, gray, dark gold and a light gold, just yummy in my book!

I think yarn always think yarn looks so different once it’s caked up and I truly love the mix Of colors.  So far it’s knitting up just as I hoped and knitting up quickly.  The pattern I’m using is WA 101 by Kali Berg, just a simple easy design that will show off my handspun nicely.

I’m still working on my handspun Nurmilintu as well and will be completely the next lace panel tomorrow.

Do you use handspun for projects too?

6 thoughts on “A New Cast On

  1. Thank you Alissa. When I first started spinning, it took me a couple of years to create handspun worthy of knitting with. Sometimes I still have issues with that, but always excited when things turn out right.


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