January Breed Study – White Andean Mountain Wool

So I decided to treat myself to a year long breed study. It’s been a couple of years or more since I’ve done a breed study and I am looking forward to this.  I love anything that is wool or is wool related, and learning about different sheep breeds is fascinating to me.

This months breed study is 2 oz of White Andean Mountain, which came in a lovely hand dyed color called Polar Bears on Ice.  This sheep breed is new to me and I had to look it up.  I really couldn’t find much and it’s not listed in my copy of Fleece and Fiber book.


did find this in a listing in an Etsy shop…  “Andean fiber has a long staple length that gives added strength compared to merino. Andean fiber is 26 micron, staple length 2.5″.  “  And I found a photo …



 Courtesy of Alamy.com

My plan is to spin thin as possible and then chain ply. I am aiming for 50 yards of finished handspun, which would be doable.

For the spinners out there, have you ever done a sheep breed study ?

4 thoughts on “January Breed Study – White Andean Mountain Wool

  1. I'm in the Long Way Homestead breed of the month club this year, and I just finished some shropshire. It is my first month, but so far I love it. I'm also doing a British breed sampler from Honey Gold Acres. It is 10 25g braids, and it has been a wonderful way to test out different breeds.


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