Wednesday WIPs and A New Cast On

I truly have nothing too new to share with you today. I still am working on my socks and made a little more progress.  I have 3” to go before starting the heel to my November Socks and will be starting the heel for my Christmas At Hogwarts Socks.  I feel I haven’t really given either project much attention but eventually will get them done.

On another note I casted on my Nurmilintu shawl yesterday and I am loving the look of my handspun.  I must say I’m rather excited about this project and it has rekindled my love of spinning, and the use of hand-spun.  Just  knowing  that I made this yarn gives me great joy and every stitch is so satisfying, which makes me  so very happy. This simple project has made me realize that I need to spend more time at my wheel this year.

I am looking forward to a long weekend and happy that I have been able to take the next two days off from work.  My plans are quite simple for my time off, a bit of necessary shopping, a drop off things to be donated to Goodwill and taking a little time for myself to enjoy reading and spinning. I might even do a bit of baking, we’ll see.

I have to thank Katie for sharing the link to Adrienne’s 2022 30 Day Yoga Challenge .  I walk daily but need more movement and this is perfect. I am really looking forward to starting this challenge in hopes it will become a daily ritual and help me focus more throughout the day too.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

10 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs and A New Cast On

  1. The handspun looks so squishy and lovely. How exciting to see it becoming something so beautiful. I love knitting socks but they seem to take forever to make. Maybe because I keep adding other items to make while working on them.


  2. Thank you Marsha and it really is squishy soft. I think that is my trouble right now with finishing my socks too … adding more things on my needles doesn’t help.


  3. Thank you so much Alissa! I do see where you’re going with that. And as they say, it takes about 27 days to form a new habit. Like you, this is something I plan to continue.


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