Thoughts and Knitting

It’s officially the first week of January and as I sit here writing my post I simply cannot believe it’s a new year. Time seems to move quicker these days, but that is ok as I am learning to slow down and savor the moment. 

“I like good strong words that mean something…”  ― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

I am still contemplating my word for the new year and will decide this week what my word will be. Words are powerful and can bring so much meaning to one’s life, so I want to choose my word wisely.  Meantime, I will knit and think about my choice.

I am hoping to finish the mate to my November socks this week so that I can concentrate on finishing my Christmas At Hogwarts socks.  I have this project on my work desk and sneak in a few rounds here and there throughout my work day, but it’s time to focus and get the mate done!

Sunday I caked up my finished Sleepy Hollow handspun and plan to cast on Nurmilintu later this week.  I love this pattern for it’s simplicity, and for the fact it knits up quickly and is perfect for handspun yarn.  Have I mentioned how much I love my finished handspun yarn? I do, and the the colors are so beautiful and it’s so squishy soft.  I am truly looking forward to this project and can’t wait to see how my handspun knits up.

I also want to cast on a cardigan and have decided to make  Lyric by Heidi May and plan to use my stash of Cascade 220 Superwash in the color Charcoal.  For me this design looks cozy, and I am wanting to make a few cozy cardigans this year. My plan is to cast on later this month after my socks are finished.  However I have a strong desire to cast on “all the things” so I may not be able to wait. Does that ever happen to you?

Have you chosen your word for the New Year ?

8 thoughts on “Thoughts and Knitting

  1. Ohh that handspun will be beautiful in a shawl! I did cast on 3 new things myself this week, but I did finish one project and frogged another before doing that so not too bad haha!


  2. Your handspun is lovely! I have chosen a word for 2022: conserve. I'm trying to conserve energy and resources for the things that really matter. I look forward to hearing about your word!


  3. I am definitely feeling the urge to cast on all the things! But I am trying to focus on finishing at the moment, as I have two sweaters in progress and a sweater spin going as well. When those are done, I think my first new cast on will be a sweater for my daughter, who would like a cozy cardigan.My word for 2022 is Growth, and I want to focus on improving myself and being a better person.


  4. Absolutely love your word choice Sarah and there are so many possibilities for growth. I’m trying hard to focus on finishing too, but not having much luck of doing that. A cardigan for your daughter will be a great cast on, and most likely a quick knit too!


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