Reflection and New Year Goals

Cartoon from Wool Free and Lovin’ Knit

2021 Goals

I have been looking back at my goals that I made in my journal late in January and reflecting on goals for the new year. I didn’t keep all my goals, especially my goals for spinning and learning new knitting techniques, but that is quite alright because I have had a busy year that didn’t allow me to “do all the things”.  

I believe goals are important but sometimes I tend to over do things and eventually learn that it’s ok to focus on just one or two things and be content with that.  For some reason this year all I wanted to do was knit sweaters, hats and socks. I missed my knitting goal of including a cardigan, vest and mitts but maybe next year that will happen. Spinning took a backseat to my knitting and cross stitching got done here and there.  I did keep my goal of reading more books, which makes me happy and pretty much loved everything I read.


I returned to blogging in August of this year and I’m so happy that I did. I have discovered so many new blogs and met so many new people.  I plan to continue blogging as it brings me joy and thank you all for leaving comments now and then. This year has had ups and downs, but it’s been a great year and one that I can leave behind feeling good about what I did accomplish.

I’ve let go of a few things this year too. I’ve learned to stop signing up for online groups or classes on a whim when I know I’ll never participate in them.  I have stopped all subscriptions to magazines and will buy issues I find interesting and want to keep. I have stopped buying yarn for the sake of buying and will only buy with a project I plan to start.

I’ve made a few other changes here and there as well and I’m ending this year on a good note.

2022 Goals…

I probably am making too many goals for the new year but I will accomplish what I can and not stress over what I cannot get to.

So here we go –

  • Spinning is a must for me next year. Like knitting it gives me peace and is a form of meditation. I want to incorporate more of my handspun into projects, especially for sweaters and cardigans.
  • Knitting is an ongoing thing for me but I do want to make a couple of cardigans next year. Next year is also about knitting from my stash!
  • Learn to let go of things I no longer need and not to buy more “stuff”.
  • Reading will continue but at my own pace. I have closed my Goodreads account as it was not giving me joy and I found I was making unrealistic goals for reading books.  I can discover new books and authors from all the wonderful bloggers I now follow and learn to set small goals.
  • Cross stitch is something I really want to accomplish next year and have a few projects already in mind.  Katie of the Cozy Burrow asked if I would like to stitch along with her stitching the Mighty Acorn by Blackbird Designs. I had the intent to join her in November but was not able too. Next year when she picks her project back up hopefully I can join in the stitching fun.
  • I have decided to pick a word for 2022 and I have narrowed down my word to three. It will be interesting to see what I decide upon and how it will shape my thinking.
  • Embrace life for what it is and enjoy everything moment of living.
I know many of you are making new goals and plans for the new year, but what is the one thing you really want to accomplish next year?  For me, it is to learn to slow down and just embrace the simple things called “life”.

4 thoughts on “Reflection and New Year Goals

  1. I am excited to see what word you choose. I haven’t set goals and I like waiting a few weeks into the year for that process. My Buttermilk Basin kit arrived yesterday, So happy you returned to blogging this year too.


  2. Goals are so great to have. I had six for 2021 of which I only accomplished 2.5. I also like picking a word. Mine usually changes about mid year lol. May this new year bring you joy, peace and blessings.


  3. I agree about goals Marsha and good for you in completing what you did! I love the sweater you are working on. I have been trying to leave messages on your blog but haven’t been successful. Happy New Year and may you also be blessed with joy and peace.


  4. Thank Juliann and I am happy I returned to blogging too! Yeah, I am so excited your Buttermilk Basin kit arrived 👏 last year I waited until the middle of January before setting goals because honestly I really didn’t know what I wanted to do for the year. Have a wonderful and Happy New Year !


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