Wednesday WIP

Did you notice that I said “WIP” and not “WIPS” ??  That is a first for me but I am happy that I currently have only one project on my needles and that is my November Socks.  I am so in love with the colors of this yarn!

I made decent progress yesterday on my socks.  Finished the heel and now working on the foot.  I’m hoping that it will be a light day at work like it was yesterday so I can sneak in a bit of knitting.

For my Christmas Eve cast on, I’ve decided to cast on a pair of vanilla socks using my lovely Christmas At Hogwarts yarn from Old Wire Road Fiber Co.  I received this yummy yarn in the mail around the 3rd of this month and wanted to keep it for Christmas knitting, which I think will be just perfect!

The little Christmas bag was made by one of my Hubby’s co-workers who quilts and makes all kinds of fun things.  When he brought home yesterday full of goodies, and asked “can you use this for anything?” , knowing full well it would be a perfect size bag for sock knitting.  I’ve decided that it’s just perfect to keep my Christmas Eve cast on socks in, which makes me happy.  I just love the Nutcracker fabric she used and plan to find a snap so I will be able to close it if I choose too.

What Christmas cast on do you have planned for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day ?

4 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP

  1. Like Juliann, I have trouble imagining having only one project on the needles. When that happens to me, I feel a little twitchy! But I suppose not everyone likes having multiple things in progress at once, and your November socks are lovely and look like a very soothing project.


  2. I can get a little twitchy too Sarah but at times I just love having one project. They truly have been quite soothing and I’m enjoying the process of knitting them 😊


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