Happy Mail!

Every once in a while I enjoy making holiday wool appliqué pieces. For me it’s just another extension to my love of all things wool and another creative outlet for me when I need to do something different.

I have started collecting old mill bobbins and have been looking for just the right thing to adorn them at Christmas time.  I was super excited to find wool appliqué trees on Stacy’s website, Buttermilk Basin, that will be perfect and was just what I was looking for. I have one more coming, a tree with a sheep, but plan to start these soon!

From left to right:

I have these bobbins that I think will be fun to use and love the rustic look of them…

Or maybe even these…

I have also been thinking about making cross stitch trees too but for now I think wool appliqué trees would look so much better.

Have you ever tried wool appliqué?

2 thoughts on “Happy Mail!

  1. I love wool appliqué too Juliann and you definitely need the tree with the sheep, got mine today and love it. I think old bobbins make great decor and dressed with fun embroidery or appliqué pieces makes them even better. Yes, we do need to talk 😀


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