And It’s Done!

I finished my modified Tea With Jam and Bread sweater yesterday and I love how it turned out.  The best part, it fits me perfectly and I am super excited that it does.  I love Heidi’s design but had to tweaked it to fit my body type, and my style.  

The particulars…

Size: L1 

Yarn: Lion Brown Wool-Ease (80% acrylic/20% wool). Main color: 5 skeins in the color Amber. Contrast Color: 1 skein in the colorCanyon Sunset.

Needles: Knitters Pride size US 7 and US 8 (16”, 24”, 36” and  47” circulars).


  • did a k1fb for the raglan increases
  • Worked one stripe only and eliminated the pockets.
  • I added 2 extra stitches at the underarm after the sleeves were separated 
  • I worked the bottom rib for 2”
  • For the sleeves, I picked up 68 stitches and decreased every 10 rounds to 52 stitches and ended each cuff with a 2” rib to match the bottom rib.

This was the last sweater of the year and plan to start with another sweater soon!

What have you recently finished?

10 thoughts on “And It’s Done!

  1. I am always amazed at how quickly a sweater on larger needles comes off the needles. I should stop knitting fingering weight sweaters! This is going to be such a good wardrobe staple.


  2. Juliann, that’s why I love worsted weight sweaters and why I have never knitted a fingering weight sweater. I have knitted a sweater in dk weight and it took me forever to finish. I think so too, perfect to wear with just about everything 😊


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