Sunday Musings, Leisurely Enjoying The Day

I know this is such a late morning post, but we have had a very productive morning.  Biscuits have been made for the week, Breakfast casserole made for breakfast, Cody’s chicken is finished cooking and we are getting ready to put bread on the grill to bake.  In between all this was the enjoyment of coffee and knitting.

My husband and I have decided to continue this Sunday ritual.  We do not go anywhere on Sundays, unless we have to, and we have learned to slow down, savoring the relaxing ease into the day.  Now that the weather is cooler, we are also enjoying our time outdoors. I’ve been loving the fact that I can enjoy my knitting again outside on our patio, which is pure heaven to me.

Speaking on knitting, I have made pretty good progress on my sweater and have decided to only have a stripe at the top and maybe at the bottom of the sleeves.  I got this idea from seeing finished sweater on Ravelry. I really liked the look, so decided to do the same thing.

My plan today is to continue working on my sweater in hopes of making great progress today so I can start working on my stitch along next week. 

What are you doing today?

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