Time To Decorate! 🎄

I hope this post finds everyone happy and well, and that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving day with your family and friends.  Our Thanksgiving was just as we hoped, peaceful, relaxing and quiet.  Our enchiladas turned out wonderful and so did my pumpkin pie.  It was perfect in my book, and I am so grateful that I got to spend it with just my hubby.

We started decorating for Christmas and had so much fun. We have gotten rid of most of our Christmas decorations, but kept things that meant the most to us, and had the most memories. I will share it’s hard to think about Christmas when you live in a desert, but some day I hope we live in a place that gets colder, and has snow again. I miss snow!

I love this truck with tree that we got at Lowes.

I made these wool appliqué pieces about  years ago. 

A favorite collection of my hubby – David Frykman pieces 

I want to start making things again for Christmas and think wool appliqué pieces would be fun to think about. I love the wool appliqué candle mat Anne has been working on, and has me thinking about doing one too.  Meantime, I will be starting my 12 Days of Stitchy Ornaments SAL soon and excited that I received my kit in the mail yesterday!

Patterns were printed and the kit is perfect!

This afternoon I will be working on my Tea With Jam and Bread sweater while we watch college football. This sweater is knitting up quickly for me, which makes me happy!

What are you doing this weekend?

6 thoughts on “Time To Decorate! 🎄

  1. I love your decorations! We haven't put anything up yet, but we do have our advent wreath and I'm going to try and put up things either this week or next. We went through our “stash” of decorations last year and threw quite a bit out as well – it's no use keeping if you don't really like it, and I think, less is more. Have fun with your sweater and the stitching, I hope your favourite team wins. 🙂


  2. I've often thought that it must be odd to celebrate what I think of as a very wintery holiday in a place that doesn't really get cold — it must be very odd to have Christmas in the middle of the summer in Australia, for instance! But your decorating certainly brings the holiday spirit, and that's more important than the weather.


  3. Thank you so much Julia and I so agree with you, less is more! Our favorite team did win, and it was great that I could knit while watching it 😊 Enjoy your decorating too!


  4. Sarah it really is odd to celebrate Christmas where it doesn’t get color or wintery, it often lacks the feel of Christmas. Thank you so much, I had fun and we are quite happy with how our decorating turned out 😊


  5. I love your decorations! My mom spent most of her life living in places that didn't get cold for Christmas (CA, TX, FL) and she made it a point to have decorations all over to really bring the holiday feeling in … of course she isn't crafty like you are (your wool appliqué and cross-stitch – oh my!) but it was fun to see Christmas peeking out of all the corners, hanging on the doors, even in the bathrooms!


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