Inspiration !

This morning as I sit drinking my coffee and catching up on blogs I follow, one particular blog post has really inspired me, and that’s Amy’s post over on A.M. Pine – Hearth Ridge Reflections.  It’s about writing your own memoir, writing down those memories that tend to slip away as we get older.

I journal every day but it’s not memories I write about, it’s more about every day life and gratitude.  Sometimes my husband and I sit and talk about childhood memories, memories of when we first met, our early years of marriage and memories from over the years.  These are memories we both cherish that I need to preserve and write down before they slip away. 

The thought about writing down memories has also brought out typewritten memories that my Grandmother wrote, they aren’t brilliantly written and there are a ton of typing errors, but it was her memories of being a young girl, getting married and having children. I cherish them, along with her typewritten sermons and thoughts about God.  My Grandmother definitely loved God and her writings about God are so wonderful to read.

Not only have these typewritten pages have given me a glimpse into my Grandmother’s life, but have brought back my memory of going over to my Grandmother’s house and coming into the kitchen to see her at the kitchen table typing and remembering my Mom asking what she was doing. I was only about 6 years old at that time but when I see these pages, all those hidden and cataloged memories come back, and I can remember her getting up to get coffee for her and my mom, and cookies for me. Such happy memories.

I need to find a good journal, or notebook, to write all these memories down in before they are lost in time.  And I believe Amy says it very well …

“I must write to remember, keeping my life moments alive. I have these memories that only I can save from slipping away forever.” – Amy Pine

Thank you Amy for the inspiration today, I definitely will be starting my own memoir.

6 thoughts on “Inspiration !

  1. I did this a few years ago where I wrote down anything I remembered. I don't think it's organized but I did enjoy writing! Good luck, what a treasure for future generations.


  2. I treasure a memoir that my grandmother wrote… at my urging! She would write down the random snippets of memory as they came to her, and worried about organizing it all later. My aunt helped her do that, they dug out photos, and then had it printed/copied & bound. She gave one to each of her descendants at the time, and I know that my girls have read it numerous times. My youngest said that she never really understood The Great Depression until she read what it was like for my grandmother as a young wife & mother at the time. I don't keep a regular journal, but I do need to get in the habit of writing down the important things!


  3. Vicki that is so wonderful that you have your grandmothers memoir. Memories shared from our elders give such a different perspective of the past. I often wish my mother had written down her memories. I asked many times but she never got to it. I need to write down the snippets she shared and I remember. Thank you so much for sharing 😊


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