Wednesday WIPs: It’s All About The Socks

I just can’t seem to get into the mood for sweater knitting too much so I’ve decided to work on socks, and cross stitching too but I’ll save that for another post.  Today is all about socks.

I had great intentions of making the By The Seine River socks but decided against it and ripped what I knitted back to the cuff.  I love the yarn, it’s squishy soft and the colors are scrumptious.  For some reason I just don’t want “fussy”, just simple so I’m making a pair of vanilla cuff down socks.

In my stash I pulled out a skein of West Yorkshire Spinners Sparkle in the color Fairy Lights and love this blend of yarn !  This yarn is a blend of 40% Wool, 35% Bluefaced Leicester, 23% Nylon, and 2% Polyester. It’s knitting up lovely and the self-patterning of the yarn is fun.

I am honestly thinking about casting on another pair of socks using the yarn I shared ages agoHobby Lobby’s Yarn Bee Authentic Hand-Dyed in the color Shibori Blue.  These will be plain vanilla too, and maybe some day I will do something other than plain vanilla socks but for now this is my gig.

What’s on your needles this week?

6 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs: It’s All About The Socks

  1. I think plain socks are perfect for lovely yarn. I keep thinking I will try something different but in the end, sock knitting should be more zen than most of the fancy patterns allow.


  2. When you have yarn as prettybas the ones you are using, it is smart to let the yarn create its own pattern of color. All three is those yarns aee gorgeous. So glad you are letting their beauty shine through by doing vanilla socks.


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