Sunday Musings: Happy Halloween


Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.” – Edgar Allen Poe

It’s the last day of October and only 55 days until Christmas. I simply cannot believe how quickly this month flew by and here we are, Halloween!

I actually was able to complete my Happy Halloween piece last night and now just need to decide how I want to display it.  I love the way a lot of cross stitchers use checked fabric and ripped fabric ribbon for finishing.  I want to do something like that too, but not sure if I want it in a box frame, a display of sorts or as a pillow. I really love how it turned out and so happy that I had just enough of my Weeks Dyeworks in Onyx (for the stitches in black) for this piece… I only had an inch left after finishing.

Now to decide what I want to start stitching next, but want something easy, small and quick.  So I may start my newly acquired Litte House Needlesworks Fall Series. I love the colors in these designs and they are so small and sweet.

Courtesy of Little House Needleworks

I really don’t have much else going on at the moment.  I do plan to work on my socks that I casted on Thursday but feel this project will be better suited for working during my work week.  While I want to find a cardigan to cast on, I have out that on hold to give myself a slight break from the repetitive nature of knitting.  Socks are ok, but when I get into knitting sweaters, I tend to over do things and my elbows become very sore.

What are you up to today?

8 thoughts on “Sunday Musings: Happy Halloween

  1. Your xstitch is cute. There are so many ways you could finish that up. I look forward to seeing what you decide on. I am still working on my cardigan. Hopefully I will complete in in the next two weeks. Not sure what will be next on my needles. I may just decide to work on my giant granny square blanket for a while. I have a couple of sweaters I want to knit as well as more socks but just do not feel in the mood right now. Maybe I should pick my cross stitch back up and work on that until my knitting mojo hits me again.


  2. Thank you Marsha and hopefully I will decide on my finish soon. I am rather where you are at the, just not in the mood for knitting right now. I think November I will just have fun with cross stitch and see if I get in the mood for my knitting too!


  3. Oh what fun! Well I tend to knit as I work. I take calls all day so knitting is easy for me to work on. I am needing a break from knitting for a while, so right now I pretty much will be working on cross stitch.


  4. I am trying to finish a little cross stitch project so I can start on the grandbaby to be birth sampler. I knit mainly so carving out some stitching time is a challenge.


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