Pondering Mixed With A Bit of Knitting


This morning as I sit here enjoying my coffee and knitting, I am realizing this is in fact the last project on my needles and I honestly don’t know what I want to really cast on next.  After this pair of socks are finished I might just take the rest of the week off from knitting and concentrate on finishing up my Sleepy Hollow that I am currently plying. I still think I may cast on the Felix Sweater that I mentioned on Sunday, but still not quite sure yet that is what I want to work on at this very moment.

I am also catching up on my blog reading, and as I read Katies and Caroles blog posts today, it made me think of choosing a “word” in January that I can dive into and has me pondering what word I would choose.  Words are powerful and can often shape our paths profoundly. I have a lot of “words” floating around in my head and if I decide to start this challenge in January, it will be interesting to see what word I will choose.

Enjoy your day!

4 thoughts on “Pondering Mixed With A Bit of Knitting

  1. Wow – the idea of needles completely free of projects is mind boggling! I hope you do join us in our one word journey. I have been doing this for 10 years and my words have taught me so much.


  2. I know!!! I haven’t been like that in a very long time and it actually feels good right now. I’ve love your word choice for this year and your post today is awesome. Words can definitely teach us quite a lot and shape how we think too.


  3. Karen it really is exciting and it’s a first for me in a very long while. Mitts are such fun projects, that’s something I should consider too and really need a new pair.


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