Saturday Are Meant For … Spinning Wheels !

The music of the spinning wheel will be as balm to your soul. – Mahatma Gandhi

While my hubby is busy watching college football, I decided it was a great time to clean, polish and oil my girls.  Living in a desert can take its toll on our antiques and my wheels.  They get dry quickly and need to be nourished often. It’s amazing how quickly our wood pieces soak up the polish (Feed-n-Wax by Howard Products) and even more amazing how quickly they dry out.

My Ashford Traveller was an antique store find. She was in really bad shape but came to live quickly and she spins wonderfully. I still need to find a few more bobbins for her, and a Lazy-Kate too.  I think I need to plan something to spin on her soon.

My single treadle vintage Schacht Matchless was a Goodwill find that joined my family of wheels last year. This poor wheel was so dry and had seen too much love.  I am still trying to get the hang of spinning on her but I can say I have loved spinning Shetland wool on her.

The Matchless on the right was purchased used from Carma up at Fibercreek in Prescott.  This was my dream wheel to own and was so excited when she came home with us. You can read more here.

And then there’s my Flatiron, Matchless and Ladybug.  All spin quite differently and I love them all.

So it’s been a great morning and the girls look beautiful and happy.  I think spinning might be in store this afternoon.

What are you up to today?

6 thoughts on “Saturday Are Meant For … Spinning Wheels !

  1. OMG I'm just … I'm sorry, but I do have an Ashford Kiwi spinning wheel, but I never qaxed and cleaned it once (I know, I know), and I have never used it properly either, because the one time I did spin for a few days, it earned me a tendonitis in my knee, because apparently, the couch is not a good place to sit for spinning. I did find a “how to” on how to clean your wheel, but may I ask – how long does it take for waach wheel to be cleaned and oiled and then to dry? And can I do that inside? Autumn is in full swing here and it has been quite cold and wet already.


  2. I am not a spinner nor do I have the desire to learn. However……I absolutely love spinning wheels and the beauty of them. When my LYS was alive, I just enjoyed sitting, knitting and looking at their wheels.


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