Friday Finished Objects: A New Pair Of Socks !

I’m so happy that I have a finished pair of socks to share with you today and I absolutely love the colors!!

The best part, I have perfectly matching stripes, which as a sock knitter who obsesses over matching stripes, this is definitely a win win!!

Pattern: My own vanilla toe up recipe with a cuff using a k2,p2 rib

Needle Size:  US Size 1 1/2 over two 16” circular needles

Yarn:  Lang Ja Woll Color – Aktion 100 grams/420m (459 yards)

What have you finished this week ?

7 thoughts on “Friday Finished Objects: A New Pair Of Socks !

  1. Hooray for matching stripes. I finished my pair of Rose City Rollers this week. Will blog about them Sunday. So glad to see I am not the only one using 1.5 needles. They are my all time favorite sock size needle.


  2. Thank you Marsha 😊 and hooray for your finished socks too! Mine too and I always use a 1.5 needle for all my sock knitting. I have found it to work for me the best.


  3. They look great! I really love the colours, too (Lang has some really cool yarns, but I never seem to come across them these days. 😉 ). Will you keep them or are they a Christmas present?


  4. Thank you so much Julia ! These are for me, I never gift knitted items anymore as they have never been appreciated. I love Lang yarn, especially for socks, very durable.


  5. !!! That is smart. I have limited the amount of people who will get something handknit, too (including the “if you treat me like your doormat all year, no, you WON'T get anything handknit anymore!”). Helps immensely. Go you!!


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