Sunday Musings: A Lazy Day

The sunrise this morning was so gorgeous and it was so wonderful to sit outside with our coffee to watch the sky change as the sun rose.  It was a perfect temperature, 55 degrees, and I had to put a cardigan on as it was a bit chilly.  I do believe sweater weather is almost here!

I feel a bit slow today and don’t seem to have to much energy to really work on anything today. I did have plans to work on my cross stitch project but think I will save that for another day.  Today is going to be a lazy one, and I think a cup of hot tea and my book will be perfect for my mood, and I may even sneak in a nap.

This morning we went to Target and I came home with two new books, The Mystery of Mrs. Christie along with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (not quite 4 stars on Goodreads), which I am quite not sure why I bought this book but maybe it’s because I liked. the movie. Time will tell if I ever read it or if I will end up donating it (most likely).

Enjoy your day everyone!

10 thoughts on “Sunday Musings: A Lazy Day

  1. I am poking along today too. But then, that is normal how my Sundays are. Hopefully your books will be to your liking. I am just finishing Queen Bee and have really enjoyed it. It is not a “heavy” story. Perfect for night time reading. It is so nice to be able to enjoy hot tea again. I can not abide hot drinks in our summer heat.


  2. I've had pokey kind of afternoon, but I usually hit the ground running on Sunday morning because church. I do hope you read those bottom two books because I'm curious about both (and I'm a huge Christie and Austen fan!)


  3. Sounds like a perfect day ! Christie fan here too. I definitely plan to read them both and will blog about them too. Mixed reviews on the one, but I often find those are the books I enjoy the most.


  4. That is awesome and Sundays are kind of getting that way for me too. I will need to check out Queen Bee and I think they will be to my liking, one just a little different from my normal books 😁 . I drink hot tea year round, but truly enjoy more when it’s cooler.


  5. Hope you enjoyed a cool sunny day. That's what our day was like. I love these days even though I stayed inside all day knitting, watching football, and getting in a long chat with my daughter.


  6. I am not sure yet if I am committed to read it either, but I definitely will share if I do. Thank you so much, it’s a favorite mug. My hubby bought it for me years ago 😊


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